Binary IQ is Scam! Critical Review

This comprehensive Binary IQ review will expose the lies and how the developers of this scam tries to deceit people in order to join them. John Kane believes to be a supporter of these scam systems releases his latest review about BinaryIQ and as expected it favors and promote it.

But we have discovered facts that made us believe that Binary IQ is scam. We can prove this claim to you in this review. Keep in mind that is easy to invest into something but once you have given your money to a scam system it is impossible for you to get it back.

So read our review first, then analyze the evidences before you decide. To make it fair with the system and John Kane we will present first what is BinaryIQ how it works before showing to you the proofs.

According to John Kane, This trading strategy makes use of intricate complexities of the market to provide its users dominant trading signals. He said it has been in the market for three years now. In order to convince people to trade in binary options they will give access to a trend-following technique that provides wins by great margins. You should use only signals that give you winning trade from start to finish.

Based on his Binary IQ review this software is complete and it has everything a trader needs in order to succeed. Trading in binary options is not that easy. But with the help of this program the user will get pinpoint signals in each trading session that informs you what to do. If one wants to trade for couple of hours a day as your past time, or if one is a serious trader then this platform is what you are looking for.

Binary IQ is Scam – Three Evidences

This is the part of our review where we present the evidences that will prove this software is scam and people should not trust it at all. If a trader visits their website, he will be greeted by a video presentation that will present a huge selling point that tells the visitors that it’s the ultimate binary trading tool. One of their claims is that the signals it provides are proven and verified which we will look into.

John Kane also mentioned in his review that the system was developed by real traders because they were able to broken down into details the strategy being applied. The system provides dominant signals with a distinct trend following technique. The technique is based on the technical evaluation of market prices, and continuous to provide stable entries. Rather than anticipating breakouts, the signals react to these opportunities upon its arrival. This makes sure that there is no guess work and each signal is following the strategy appropriately. Are you impressed on what has been presented to you so far? Don’t be coz up next are the evidences that will prove this application is a scam. According to Binary IQ developers it will guarantee you over 80% of all trades and assure them of winning trades. You don’t need to have trading experience while using this system.

Before you make further action, we urge you to read our complete Binary IQ review first.

First Evidence – Unknown Developers

This is not surprising at all that they did not mention that name of the developers. Most scam software does not divulge the name of their developers.  Even if one tries to explore all the pages of, you will not able to find anything about the developers and who the real owners are which makes us believe that this is not a legit app.  The big question as to who is behind this bogus scam remains.  This is one of the several tactics that online scammers use to attract newbies as well as online investors to join them.

We have strong evidence that will prove that the fraudsters behind this Binary IQ scam are also the one responsible for Binary Today Secret scam. Actually, there are lots of similarities between the mentioned scams. The only difference between the two is the names, and logos. Who would not want to be recognized for developing a legit app, particularly if it is doing well? Only scammers would pretend that they are legit app and not mention their names because they are aware of the risk.

Second Evidence – Contradicting Claim and Disclaimer

According to the group behind this app, they can help you make money. They guarantee that one will produce the funds that he needs and will become a millionaire within 6 months. But, if you read their disclaimer at the bottom part of their webpage, you will read there that all the information that refers to the website is for educational purposes only and it is not for financial advice. Even the web site tells us that they are not offering services for financial reasons, only educational. It only means that if a person invests his money on it, they are not responsible for any losses made.

Third Evidence – Not Verified Trading Results

If you scroll further down their home page, you will see a phrase “Verified Analysis & Verified Trading Reults” written using big text to make sure the visitors can read it very well. The question is that these individuals do not show any third party results. Any software that makes claims like thee, should be able to provide proof that users can verify to make sure the results of trading are legit and true.

Binary IQ Review Conclusion

Definitely this Binary IQ is scam! Based on the evidences presented on review, we therefore conclude that this application is nothing but a scam. Never trust a binary option trading robot with unknown developers. The owners of a legit software should be proud of what they have done they should reveal their names.

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