Binary Godfather is Scam! An Honest Review

This comprehensive Binary Godfather review is the latest free binary options trading application. The alleged developer of this software is Anthony Carluccio. He and his team are informing traders that they can earn in trading for over $7000 within 48 hours. This in-depth review will help traders in deciding whether to trust this program or not. The software was named after the movie Godfather. This will make promoting it much easier. It will make the website stand out among the other platform, but it does not make it any better. Actually, they are infringing copyright by doing this, so there is a possibility that the website will be taken down soon. The entire marketing depends too much on the Godfather gimmick and it is horrible.

We have taken a quick look at their website when writing the first part of our Binary Godfather review, and we find their video presentation vague. Actually, the entire website is like a big gimmick. Just like other scam applications, it claims to have a limited number of slots that if one doesn’t act fast you will not be able to get one.

However, if you refresh the website it will return again to its original number. These things are clear indications this scheme is a scam. This type of trading involves a lot of risk. Like other scam software we have reviewed in the past, Tony Carluccio promotes this program to people with less or no experience. Some people simply choose a platform without first analyzing it. The end result is they will end up as loser and lost all their investment. These sites control people and risk their money. Normally, their offers are hard to resist and make it looks like you are assured of earning big.

Binary Godfather is Scam – Three Evidence

This is the part of our comprehensive Binary Godfather review where we will present to you the proofs that this is a scam. We make this review as complete as possible so a trader will have a clearer view of the app when it is time for you to decide. Keep in mind that there are lots of risks involve in binary options trading since it is a win – lose deal. Anthony Carluccio claims that their system will help you earn $7504.09 within 48 hours. Let’s find out if they are capable of doing this.

It was mentioned earlier in this review that this software is for free. But one will find out later that BinaryGodfather is not free. They are using the word free to attract people to sign up. However, in order to test the Binary Godfather, you need to deposit real money and most of the time the minimum amount is $250 or higher. You will be putting your hard-earned money at risk. If you win, they claim that one will earn around 75 to 85% of your investment. If you lose, you will lose all. And since this system is a scam, it will favor the broker, and as a result your chance of generating a profit is quite slim.

First Evidence – How Much You Can Really Earn?

It looks like the group behind this scam is also confused as to how much money it can really produce. You can clearly see in their heading their claim that it can help to cash in $7504.09 within 48 hours. But in their video presentation the amount that a user can produce is $1298 within 48 hours. So, which is real? Very confusing, a clear indication that this platform is a scam and traders should stay away from this software. In reality, it will not help you to earn a single dollar but instead you will lose everything you invested.

Second Evidence – Copied Platform

Proving this application a scam is easy. The system is allegedly developed by Tony Carluccio. Binary Godfather is supposed to be a one of a kind application, but in reality Binary Godfather is a well-known white label app that is used by many scams. Check out the image above, the program is being used by other scam like Hexa Trader, Cognitrader, or Swiss Binary Robot. They simply change the logos and colors, but the application remains the same. And we have heard from the actual users that they are actually losing money in trading using this system.

Third Evidence – Who is Anthony Carluccio

People interested in this software check the credibility of the developer before trusting them. In the case of Anthony Carluccio there is no information available online if the interested party search for him in Google. The only thing he provided in the video presentation is his PHD in Economics and that his father is a goldsmith. There is no other information given. We tried searching for his identity online but we found nothing. Obviously, the person does not exist at all. If he is an expert in this industry then his name should be all over the trading forums but when we ask people who are into trading for a long time, his name was unknown to them.

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Binary Godfather Review Conclusion

This review proves that Binary Godfather is scam and people should not trust them at all. Tony Carluccio is a fictitious character created by the scammers behind this application and there is nothing real about him. As you can see, the software being used by this application has been used by other scam systems.

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