Binary Diploma is Scam! Warning Review

We have been reviewing a lot of software and we think the BinaryDiploma is yet another scam app. To prove this we have written this comprehensive Binary Diploma review. Based on what we gathered this application was supposedly developed by a man named Bryan Davis. The signs of being scam software are obvious and the only thing we need to do is to prove it.

We collected the evidences to show our readers how dangerous this app is. Just like other scam applications, the people behind this fraud system promise to provide you high profits.  We will prove to you that they don’t have the capability to provide such earnings. It is their way to attract people to sign up.

Binary Diploma is another trading scam that you should not trust. It is relatively new but it has getting the attention that it wants. Its marketing team is doing everything to become known in the trading industry. And they are actually on the headlines for the wrong reasons. The software was released recently and has been the main of some trading forums. Some people who were already victimized by this scam are complaining about the non-payment. This has prompted us to investigate and write this BinaryDiploma review.

Binary Diploma is Scam – Three Evidences

The software will help you earn $3000 overnight and forever. Since you are very eager to earn money fast and enjoy life, you would probably sign up right away and deposit the needed amount. But wait, Brian Davis says you can use it for free.

The man allegedly responsible for this software is Brian Davis. According to him interested traders can use the application free of charge. This makes us even more suspect that this system is a scam. Apparently, this app has a unique algorithm that can execute 100% of all trades. This implies that the system will be generating money without you exerting any effort. All you just need to do is to set it on auto pilot and the software will do the rest.

He also mentioned that if one uses the application on manual mode, you need to follow some of their expert traders. Brian Davis said that if one follows the trade patterns of these experts one will surely produce a good amount of money. All of his claims are too good to be true and our Binary Diploma review will reveal the truth behind this app. We have been telling you in our previous reviews that scam software always promise you the impossible. And this program is like other scam system.

Let’s continue with our review and find out if this app can really provide you $50,000 profit within one week.

First Evidence – The Fake Developer

Brian Davis is the only developer of this fake application. He is the one on the video that represents the company. He is a paid actor from Brian Davis is into the binary trading scams and he is being paid for $5 for every word and thus they can lie in front of the camera. Upon our investigation and research we cannot find anything that will lead to the real identity of Mr. Davis. If one visits the home page, one will get to see this system in play. Based on the video presentation, this software executes 883 trades a day and has a winning rate of 100%.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonials

If you visit their website you can see testimonials of supposed to be happy and earning users. They claim that they are earning a lot of money with the help of the Binary Diploma. However, these are all fake testimonials. The images are taken from a stock photo, with fake name and fabricated claims. Obviously, they are doing this to attract more people and encourage them to sign up.

Third Evidence – Scam Platform

One of the clear indications that this system is a scam is the platform itself. It performs differently from what Davis says. The system should be an educational program, but if you join, you will be directed to binary options robot where you can lose your money. It is being used by other scam software like Monaco Treasure, Cash365 and The Infinity App. Check out the picture above. After signing up, you will be asked to deposit the needed amount with an unregulated broker so they can activate your account. Thus, you cannot test the app and you will just let the robot trader with your money. Thus with this Binary Diploma review we can prove that this application is nothing but a scam.

Binary Diploma Review Conclusion

This review proves that Binary Diploma is scam, this application is nothing but a fraud. The evidences have been presented and obviously their main purpose is to attract more traders and steal their money. If you really want to put your money in trading make sure that you have checked the system first before joining them.

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