Binary Copier is Scam! Critical Review

What makes this Binary Copier review different from other reviews? We make sure that we presented the evidences clearly and easy to understand so you can decide accordingly. According to them the software is important for traders particularly the inexperience. If you choose to trade manually and not using any platform, you may still do even if you don’t have enough experience. Reliable signal services provide enough help in the form of alerts and signals that you can work on when deciding. However, when the said app is unreliable and fraud, you will lose your investments.

Thus, it is vital to investigate before you entrust your hard-earned money. If one agrees with us or you are having doubt  review to learn more about this app and whether to trust it or not. BinaryCopier is similar to other scams. They claim to be the best signal provider today. Because of the market volatility, it will send limited signals. Traders can act on these signals to invest in binary options. The software will gather popular signals, which means you will be acting on other people’s decision by simply following the signals you collected.

In short, this system does not have any kind of specific algorithm or some advanced technology to help in getting accurate and significant results. It only copies the trend that is designed based on user’s decision on the broker platform you will get assigned to. This might cause problem, as majority of the scammers use rigged platform. There is no assurance that the signals would be enough and profitable. A piece of advice, always investigate the application you want to use and make sure that their accuracy has been verified. Moreover, given the fact that this software is not associated with reliable brokers, there is no way your funds would be managed safely. It only shows that Binary Copier is scam and you should stay away from it. Before you make further action, make sure that you have read our review until the end.

Binary Copier is Scam – Three Evidences

As we continue with our review, the way this system works is the same with other binary option scam robot. One can set it to 3 different risk levels and it will provide you signals accurately. This is according to them but we are not seeing the way it is during our investigation. Binary Copier has two various advanced strategies provided – the Recurrence Effect and the Currency Stimulation. They claim that both run on various algorithm.

But we have mention it already in the first part of our review this robot does not have its own algorithm. The succeeding part of our Binary Copier review we will show you some proofs that this is a scam all the way.

First Evidence – Using Scam Platform

As mentioned earlier in this review, the system is using a platform that is copied from other software. Thus, they do not have their own algorithm. There are three more scam apps are also using the same platform. Trader’s Buddy, United Trading or Tratika differs only on name, color, and logo. It only shows that those who are behind Binary Copier scam are also related to other frauds application. And lots of people have lost a huge amount of money with all these scams. These trading apps are not clear, they are managed by anonymous individuals who don’t have any intention of revealing their real identity.

Second Evidence – Impossible Profits

Scam applications base their whole idea on single point. With this software, users are promised that once they sign up and begin with the system, they will suppose to start noticing huge profits coming in their bank accounts. The question is would you give $250 to a complete stranger on the streets who will give you access to a system that can produce $15k a day. Definitely not. Even if the trader loves the idea, you need to seek more information and proof that they can really provide such profit before you make a deposit. This information is not available on Binary Copier website. They were not able to provide any evidence that they can really give you the profit that they promised their members.

The scariest thing about this software is that they were not able to explain how their system works so your investment will grow. It’s like betting your money in a casino game. This is one of the common indications that you are dealing with a fake website.

Third Evidence – Unknown Developer

It is easy to identify a typical scam application on the net. Binary Copier is much easier to figure out. The promo video supposed to talk about what the system is all about. We can easily detect that someone is lying when we saw the expensive sports car being driven by the supposed CEO. We already knew what he would say, and surely, the opening statements of this guy is about his academic background. According to the man in the video he is a University drop-out and is an expert in math. We are sure that we have heard these lines before from another scam software.

Actually, these scam programs have the same script. This makes our work much easier, since we don’t have to investigate further to complete this Binary Copier review. By simply watching their promo video we can easily say that this is a scam.

Binary Copier Review Conclusion

Without a doubt this review proves that Binary Copier is scam and full of lies. We have written this review to help the traders get protected against the fraud app. Keep in mind that you should never trust a software with anonymous developer and CEO, uses fake algorithm and promises impossible profits.

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