Binary Bot Master is Scam! An Honest Review

This complete Binary Bot Master review will expose the lies and misleading information that this scam software offers. The website and its promotional video is a complete crap. This platform is one of the ridiculous scam we have encountered so far.

Read this comprehensive review and you will find out why we think this Binary Bot Master is scam and a total joke. The may have the shortest video presentation for a binary option scam system. The presentation is about 50 seconds only. We were surprised as we are used to seeing a long and boring promo video that presents the wealth that you can get from using their scam service. The video presentation is computer automated because of its over-enthusiastic British accent of the narrator. It looks like a commercial, a little bit shorter than most commercial that you see these days. You will not see the private jet, the several mansions that the owner owns, the limos, the fancy cars and others.

Only few system can provide reliable signals. If a trader subscribes to the signal service of a scam service, you are risking your investments and you are wasting your time with an unreliable scheme. Signals are vital part of the trading experience and because of this you need to be very cautious when selecting their sources. If one is still not convince that this platform is scam, read our full review and you can make a conclusion on your own.

Binary Bot Master is Scam – Three Evidences

This system is marketed as a signal provider that promises to improve the profitability and optimize the investors efforts. It’s easy to say these things and mislead you. We think this app is too new to the financial field to issue such a firm verdict. The above-mentioned team of this scam makes all the required analyzes and compiles the signals. These signals are then forwarded to the investors who have subscribed, so they can work on their broken platform.

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The software promised to provide 77% accuracy which is not proven yet and is much lower as compared to other industry average. Other binary option robots can achieve higher success ratio and accuracy during auto mode. This part of our Binary Bot Master review will discuss the evidences that we have gathered during our investigation. Some of them are very common in a scam app thus we don’t have to elaborate on them but we think we should mention them.

This app is a signal generating program with full of mystery and anonymity. The owners claim to be experts in analyzing the market with many years of financial experience. According to them they have a team composed of one hundred individuals who work continuously to save traders technical time for analyses. However, there is no viable evidence that support their claim that the generated signals are real.

First Evidence – Uses White Label Trading Scam Robot

The primary proof that application is scam is the trading software. We have tried working using the app and we recognized right away that the system is using a white label binary options scam robot. This software is being used by other scams like Option Robot and Binary Auto Trader. The most frustrating aspect of this app is that its demo provides fake results. It shows big profits, but they are fraud! If an investor got attracted with this and fall into it and allow it to trade using your money, do not expect that it will earn, because it’s a losing application.

Second Evidences – Vague and Empty Website

Their website is empty and vague. It provides us nothing. The scammers behind this program do not even make an effort to create an impressive website. They do not provide some sort of backstory for the software. But we still continue with our investigation and entered our work number into the customer tab as directed and the email and waited for their reply. After receiving their email by the way, we found it at the spam section, we follow what it has instructed as to do. The only information has provided us is the supposed to be their success rate of 77%. As compared to other scam application at least they have given us a realistic number. Some scam software would claim 100% accuracy level which is impossible. Even the most legit and reliable website can’t get to at least 90% success rate. Binary options is very risky, just like other financial trading.

Third Evidence – Full of Lies and Deceit

The presentation is full of lies. They claim that binary options signals come from the team of expert analysts, which by definition means investment advice. If you read the website Disclaimer, they say they will not provide any investment advice. Because according to them giving advice is a regulated activity, so they need to be regulated in their territory. However, this is an anonymous scam, there is no contact address, financial license. This scam is poorly done that they did not exerted an effort to put up enough fake results to encourage people. The website is not updated, the last data is from October which quite old, considering that trading is done every day. It only shows that this scam is not maintained regularly.

Binary Bot Master Review Conclusion

The Binary Bot Master is scam and it does not provide what it claims. It is the latest new signals generating software. There is not enough information to generate a specific claim. In our experience as a trader and as an investigator we strongly believe that the app is nothing but a scam and this Binary Bot Master review was able to prove it.

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