Binary Algobot is Scam! Critical Review

This Binary Algobot review will reveal the lies and deception hidden in their website. The system offers the most sophisticated trading robot in the world. Before you get too excited, you need to read our review first. If you are into trading, you can easily detect which software is legit and which are not.

But for the newbies who are the target of these scams, they might fall into a trap before they realized that the application they used is a scam. This is the reason why we are writing this review, to warn the newbies that Binary Algobot is scam.

We are searching for information that will help us in reviewing But unfortunately the data is limited and we couldn’t find anything about this scam except for the details given in their website. If one visits their website the first thing that you will notice is a phrase “the most advanced trading robot in the world.” At first you would think that it’s different from other trading robot, but in reality it’s not. As we continue browsing the website we couldn’t find the information that we need to verify the legitimacy of the software.

There is no tab for about us page, so we cannot check on the developer, CEO or owner of the app. We also cannot find the page for the reviews. Who are their members and does it really provide the income that it promises. They also mentioned that it’s one of the few profitable software for more than 4 years. But we found out that they are also lying on this part. We also couldn’t find anything that will explain how their algorithm works. How the members will profit by using the app. Their website lacks transparency and it is empty.

Again, this comprehensive Binary Algobot review is written to warn traders particularly the newbies, this robot is a scam and you should not fall on their trap. As we continue with our review we will reveal to you the evidences that will prove this software is a scam. You might have noticed, this trading robot lacks the necessary information every trader wants to know. How can you probably trust a system without these vital information?

Binary Algobot is Scam – Three Evidences

To complete our review, we create an account and we have discovered more lies. Binary Algobot is fraud software that every trader should stay away from. You will not earn by using their application. Actually, you will only lose all of your money to them.

So make sure you read our review first before you sign up or spend a single penny on them.

First Evidence – Anonymous Account

We have been telling you again and again never trust an anonymous. Most of them are scam and is only after your money. One of the most important information that you should check before signing up in Binary Algobot is the owner or developer. Thru this you will be able to check the credibility or legitimacy of such software.

In case of, no names were given as to who is the owner or developer of this app. Not even how the system was developed and the team behind it. We tried searching for any information that will lead us to the developer of this scam but we were not able to find one. Never entrust your hard-earned money to a stranger. If one really wants to sign up, then you can do so at your own risk.

Second Evidence – Fake Profit Report

Do we need to explain more? The image above proves that they were lying all the time. According to them they have been in trading industry for four years. Binary Algobot even show an alleged company profit which we are sure taken from other website. According to them they are making money since 2012. Upon checking to, the site was registered only last April 6, 2016. Therefore, the robot is operating only for one year. The performance they presented in their is pure fiction.

Third Evidence – Scam Software

This robot uses the same software that Smart Simple Bot used. We are aware that this bot is a scam and it uses a fake demo. If this is the case then Binary Algobot is also a scam. The demo make use of fake price to produce profits that would not happen in  real world of trading. Those who are new in trading industry would think it is legit. They would think that this app is profitable, but in reality they are not. If the robot is really working there is no reason for it not to use real prices to simulate real performance. If it uses fake prices, then it is a scam.

Binary Algobot Review Conclusion

This in-depth review proves that Binary Algobot is scam. Why would a real trading application use fake profit report if they are really earning? A legit software always reveal who developed the system. If no name were mentioned it is a clear indication it’s a scam. These scam robots are only after your money or email address nothing else. So, if one decides to sign up and join, be prepared to lose everything you invested on it.

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