Biksbit is Scam! HYIP Scheme Review

You might have heard about and Song Hui that is why you are reading our review. According to Song Hui it is an investment opportunity that involves gems. But before you make further action we suggest that you read our BiksBit review first. You will be surprised with what you will discover, how they tried to trick people and steal their money.

Biksbit is scam, do not invest your money on it or you will be sorry. If you know someone who is interested on investing on this firm, share this review to them so they will get protected. Before we proceed with our evidences, it is best that we discuss first what Biks Bit is and how it works. has several claims that are hard to believe. Keep in mind that not because a company has a website it does not necessarily means the firm is legit. Actually, most of the fraud businesses have website. Biksbit claims that the business is a very successful investment organization that is expert in gemstones. Some of the gemstone included in their list is ruby, emerald, diamond, red diamond, grandidier, sapphire and imperial. tells us that they have some gem mining plans worldwide that mine for gems and process them.

They offer these gemstones to manufacturers. If you put your cash with them you can help them process more gemstones which increase your earnings and their profits as well. According to them, they work in different fields as a gem mining business and profiting off the trading of those gemstones in worldwide market. The question is, is any of these statement true. One will find out the answer as you continue reading our Biksbit review.

In their website they have presented what you can possibly earn if you invest on their firm. But they were not able to provide information as to how they come up with these earnings. The only thing that is clear to us is they offer eight different investment plans. These programs are all based on the gemstone they supposedly will support. This is crazy. It doesn’t invest in gemstones nor has its own mining.

BiksBit is Scam – Three Evidences

As we continue with our Biksbit review, let’s check out the story behind BiksBit. This is just a HYIP or high yield investment program with fake story and also has fake investment plans. If one invests his money, it will go to the hands of individuals who developed the website. They don’t mine for stones, they do not reinvest your money, and in short they are not doing anything.

Biks Bit is just telling you these lies to encourage you to join and steal your money. Even if the business is real, it’s impossible for them to produce such earnings. Visit and check out what they are offering the investors. It’s ridiculous. For example, if one invests $5000 in Diamond Plan he will get 700% within 60 days which is equivalent to $35,000. This is unbelievable and absolutely crazy.

First Evidence – Trading Mine Gems

Biksbit claims that it is an international gem mining firm that trades gemstones.  According to them they are also one of world’s leading gemstone mining company. We have found out that Biksbit is lying. This company does not exist at all. It was only a year ago when Biksbit Limited was put online. The only website they have is where they will ask people to invest.

They were not able to provide names or pictures of it’s actual locations. If Biksbit is a legit mining firm they could easily show proof like photos of their work and location. Also, they have not presented any production statistics or proof of income to prove that Biks Bit is really successful in their field. It’s impossible for a successful, internationally known firm without stats to prove their success.

Second Evidence – Fake Address

We have mentioned that a legit company has an address of its location. Yes Biksbit has their address on their website but upon checking the said address was listed under a private flat in London. It is a residential apartment without any company attached to it.

We have discovered it by checking it out on google maps. You can check it on your own. Biksbit has been doing everything just to make their business looks legit, even listing a fake address. They said that they are internationally known but their business address is situated in a small apartment in London, definitely not acceptable.

Third Evidence – Who is Song Hui?

Song Hui is the alleged Director General of the company. However, she was not able to show her face, but you can see her name in the “letter to investors”. If she is the real Director General then how come she was not confident to show herself? We have searched for her identity online and unfortunately we found nothing. Song Hui was not even listed on owning a gem company.

Another important piece that is missing is her team story and who manages the funds given by investors. Who handle the company’s finances? They did not provide verifiable information about this. The truth is that there is no team. The Biksbit website was created to encourage people to invest and steal their money.

Biksbit Review Conclusion

Based on our review we can confidently say that Biksbit is scam and people should not trust them at all. Who would believe a company with fake CEO, a team without a name and address that belongs to another establishment? These signs clearly prove that this app is nothing but a scam.

If you find this Biksbit review helpful to you, feel free to share it with others.

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