BeOnPush is Scam! Review & Truth Exposed

This review will prove that BeOnPush is scam. The site was registered in 2015 it was the same year it was launched. The company was registered in Luxembourg and UK but this does not prove its legitimacy. No actual address of the office was given. This scheme utilizes rented virtual mailboxes in the UK.  Ferki Demirovski is the CEO of the company and has its recent branch in Dubai. Ferki Demirovski CEO is an active politician in Macedonia. Ferki Demirovski is also the CEO of Demirovski consulting and management which has been operating since January 2007.  Also during our investigation we discovered BeOnPush is scam. Aside from that he is an Advisor to Minister Nezdet Mustafa national strategy and action plans.

If this is your first time you heard about this BeOnPush review will help you out in understanding the RTB (real time trading) industry. BeOnPush makes use of Ponzi scheme.

We also found out and mentioned in BeOnPush review that recently, all Ponzi scheme start having issues with individuals withdrawing money. And it also happens to this system. According to Ferki Demirovski there are lots of people who open more than one account and they are withdrawing money from the earnings of packs they have bought. If you are a business that is profiting from the money the people have invested in advertising, the reason why this is a problem makes sense.

BeOnPush claims to have 230,000 active accounts in their webpage. All of the accounts are frozen because the members are withdrawing too much money. They also claim that they are expert in buying and selling targeted advertising space in real time. The scam applies a new technology known as RTB (real time bidding). This scam is some sort of automated buying of advertising placements.

The BeOnPush invested on different sectors of online marketing and in most trading positions in RTB industry. What Be On Push profited from these sectors is shared to different paid members. These members will become stakeholders and get the revenue share depending on their investment. You can check out website for the complete scheme. Each pack will expire after reaching 150% of return on investment (ROI).

BeOnPush review explains what RTB industry is. It refers to the buying and selling of online ad impressions via real-time auctions that takes place during the time a webpage loads. It occurs if one visit a particular webpage. The page takes milliseconds to load, there is an auction occurring in the background.

BeOnPush is Scam – Three Evidences

The group of developers of BeOnPush headed by Ferki Demirovski wants some changes within the game by giving their affiliates a high return on investment around 150%, which is essentially higher as compared to the other online money making opportunities available to the present internet users. has investment in different sectors of online marketing and most of trading positions in RTB industry. Our BeOnPush review also discovered that this ad with the highest bid wins and shows up after the page loads completely. Thus, basically RTB industry works by exchanging between your browser and an ad exchange agent. After analyzing the information, an ad exchange triggers an auction to the advertisers with important ads. The highest bidder’s ad loads into the page. It normally occurs in milliseconds.

First Evidence – BeOnPush Uses an Illegal Scheme known as Ponzi scheme

According to Ferki Demorovski website, the profits that is divided among the members are from buying advertising space online and selling them at much higher price. The more money they need to purchase ad space the higher profit margins they can get with bulk wholesale prices. Although this sounds amazing in theory, do the BeOnPush numbers accumulate?

Originally, Ponzi scheme promised clients a 50% profit within 45 days, or 100% profit within 90 days, by purchasing discounted postal reply coupons in other nations and redeem them at face value in the US as a form of arbitrage. There have been several versions of this sort of scam operating all over the world. Since BeOnPush pays the investors 150% on their investment within a short period of time, the amount of ad space they can purchase is incredible

BeOnPush needs to find around 170% ROI to break even. In order to profit should earn at least 200% ROI which is not right. If marketers or website owners find advertising at half price, then more people would be doing this. The system will become profitable and then became non-existent. There are lots of companies similar to BeOnPush that will do anything to keep their business model unknown to its members although they are claiming for transparency.

Ponzi scheme is an illegal act. One of the manifestations that BeOnPush is a scam is when Paypal is not on their list of payment processors. Paypal does not allow Ponzi’s pyramid and the majority of these companies to deal with them.

Second Evidence – Confusing and Misleading Information

BeOnPush review discovered something that is quite confusing. Check out the first image regarding their claims about their program benefits. They stated that their program benefits even the ordinary individuals. This means that this scam has no restrictions. However, if a person do some research and check out their risk disclaimer at the lower part of their website. You notice something that contradicts the above statement.

BeOnPush’s font is not easy to read, maybe it was done that way intentionally or the readers won’t be able to read it clearly. If the statement above mentioned that even an ordinary individuals can use the program, this one state that you have to be a sophisticated user to use the program and be able to sustain losses of the total amount of money you invest. How you will be able to trust that they will pay their members if they claim to be a company based on transparency and make a shady act.

Third Evidence – Free of Charge to Invest (Not True) and Fake Video from

You can sign up for free, but you cannot generate money until you purchase an investment package. It only means that you have to shed out at least $20 to earn commissions from referrals. BeOnPush isn’t at all free.

We find it amusing to see the video in BeOnPush the cheap video that they have bought for only $5 from and keep it on their homepage. This quite a bad move, trying to fool your possible investors to make the company look that it really appeared in world news.

The truth is that they didn’t actually appear in the news and it is only their way to make less informed folks to entice them to sign up and join in BeOnPush. Just like the fake video reviews that you can also purchase from These individuals should be ashamed of themselves, generating quick money but costing you thousands of dollars.

BeOnPush Review Conclusion

Ferki Demirovski BeOnPush is scam, this is what we have proven in our review and there are other things that we haven’t discussed about this scam. Honestly, this review wants to show all the evidences that we can to prove that this program is nothing but a scam. For those who are not well-versed in Ponzi scheme they might thought that this is a very reliable platform but for those who have bad experienced with these programs they have somewhat have knowledge about this. The secret so you will not get victimized by this system is knowledge and reading our BeOnPush review.

BeOnPush was designed to encourage, lure and attract newbies in RTB (real time bidding) industry.

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Ferki Demirovski might have earned a lot from this scam scheme but it will not take long now that the truth has been exposed. If you find this “BeOnPush is Scam?”review helpful to you, feel free to share this with your friends.

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