Bahama Banker is Scam! Warning Review

This comprehensive review will prove that Bahama Banker is scam. The software was developed by Herald Beckman. This is the latest scam system in the binary option industry which was launched several hours ago, and it is getting some attention from the public. The email marketing team of are very active sending emails to promote the scheme so they can earn some commissions when people start signing up and invest.  This has prompted us to make a review and investigation to determine if this application is a legit one or is another scam.

Our purpose of writing this Bahama Banker review is to help traders particularly the starters to get protection against this vicious trap. We suggest that before you make another step make sure that you have read this detailed review. One wrong move, you will lose everything you have invested.

Herald Beckman the alleged CEO and creator of this scam software has mentioned that he is a private banker for around 12 years now in Bahamas and he had clients involved in fraud businesses. He mentioned, that there are huge number of binary options traders that are transferring their accounts to the Bahamas. Aside from his private biography, we learned through this review that by using his creation traders will benefit a lot and could earn up to $1250 in a day on auto pilot mode with 100%-win rate that has been built by the principles of performing trades in a fraction of a second. We are certain that you already have an idea why we consider this robot as nothing but a scam.

Bahama Banker is Scam – Three Evidences

These days, there are lots of people who are trying to take advantage of you, and we are here writing these reviews to make sure that you and your hard-earned money are protected. This complete Bahama Banker review will show you the lies and deceit this software is claiming. You might get easily attracted with their offers but were here to help you snap out of their spell. First of all, there is no such thing as get rich quick schemes. There are lots of legitimate software and tools that can help you live the life you want but not Bahama Banker. You can check BBB or Better Business Bureau to know more about the company. But for the meantime since you are reading our review, let us present to you the evidences we have gathered about this app.

Official Website |

They have been providing fake and misleading information and lies about the financial industry. Not only these lies that has been bothering us, but the fact that we are facing with a group of fraudsters who have created a webpage full of fake and unreliable facts. Their website has been providing us lies and unreliable details about the financial market. Not only the information is misleading, they are also risky which if you believe you will end up empty handed. The member’s area contains bogus and fictitious characters and stolen picture. We will show proof about this as you continue reading this Bahama Banker review.

First Evidence – Who is Herald Beckman?

According to the voice that we hear in their promo video at Herald Beckman is the alleged owner. Unfortunately, he was not able to show his face only his voice not even a photo of him. Also, if you try to search for his identity in web you will discover that he is not associated with any other company aside from If he is an expert in this industry, he must have something or is somewhat related to other company to prove his existence. Based on the research and investigation that we have conducted this man is a fictitious character being paid by scammers to narrate their lies in order to convince traders to invest on their system. In short, never trust someone without questionable identity.

Second Evidence – 10 Thousand Members within 3 Months

Herald Beckman was claiming that already has over 10 thousand members in their team of binary option traders who utilize their app on a daily basis and was able to earn at least $1250 a day. But, upon checking their domain in to check their website age credibility, we have found out that they were officially registered only last September 2, 2016 which is around 3 months ago, so how can a 3-month old company was able to attract 10 thousand people that fast. It does not make any sense and a clear indication that we are dealing with scam software.

Third Evidence – 100% Risk Free – Ridiculous

If you have been in trading for quite some time now, you know that there is no such thing as 100% risk free software. Keep in mind that binary option trading involves winning and losing and it is impossible to predict what will happen next. The app is also claiming that its winning ratio is 96%. It does not make any sense, 100% risk free with 96% winning ratio, isn’t this confusing? This is not viable.

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Bahama Banker Review Conclusion

Does this review helps you to decide? Don’t be fool by this software Bahama Banker is scam so make sure that you stay away from it. This is not an authentic trading tool that will favor you and will help you win trades, it is the complete opposite. We therefore conclude that this app is nothing by a scam.

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