Automated Wealth Solution is Scam! Warning Review

This comprehensive Automated Wealth Solution review will reveal the lies and deception in their website. This application is the newest binary trading tool introduced in the binary industry. The promotional video starts with its selling point that this application is the ultimate binary trading bot. The developers claim that it is proven and verified signal app, which we will check as we continue with this review. According to them this app assures you to earn more than 90% of all trades and convert them into winning trade.

The algorithm used by this robot appears to do magic if it is on autopilot mode. It means that if one never traded in the past, you can still do so with the use of this app. The robot will do the trading for you as you do your other works. By following some of these trading patterns done by experts you will become a professional in no time. It may sound too good to be true, be very careful as our review will prove that this program is a scam. Automated Wealth Solution is scam and traders particularly the new ones should avoid it at all costs.

This part of our review will discuss how this robot works. This trading tool send trading signals that users should follow. This tool has the ability to perform over 14 trades in one day. The app is actually acting in each activity worldwide, the trading starts from 5 to 30 mins. and the signals is forwarded to MT4, telephones, and e-mails. They also claim it is compatible with an asset that users find in Meta trader fourth. This is their way of attracting the new traders to sign up for the system and make them believe that it works in any device. It only means that you can trade using the tool from anywhere you are.

This robot is fraud trading tools as their promotional video reveal the name of the creator. This robot is definitely a scam as we cannot understand what the presenter on the video is trying to say. This is supposed to be a money-making scheme that is meant to take advantage of the new traders. Who would invent a tool without getting recognized for his work? This is only one of the many lies that we will reveal to you in this Automated Wealth Solution review.

Automated Wealth Solution is Scam – Three Evidence

As we continue with our review we will show you our evidences that will prove this is nothing but a scam. If you check out their website, you will see their tool. Based on what we saw on their video presentation, this tool performs 873 transactions every day and has a win ratio of 100%. In the one will see a different story, they claim that it has a win ratio of over 93%.

This Automated Wealth Solution review will reveal none of their claim is real. Everything you see in their video is all fabricated.

First Evidence – Fake Testimonial

One of the basis of telling if an app is scam or not is the user’s testimonials. Through them we will know if the program is really working or not. But what if you found out that they are using a fake character to make a good review for their app. You probably would ask yourself, if the system is really good and if the app is really working, then why do they have to use a fake character. The answer its because the system is not real, a scam trying to trick people and steal their money.

Why would we say so? A legit company never use fake character to make a review or testimonial. If the system is really working then they should be proud of it and can ask one of their members to make a testimonial. Actually, all the testimonials that you see in their website are all fake. The scammers behind this application created these fake reviews and search for stock photos.

Second Evidence – Associated with Other Scams

After you sign up, there is lots of interesting that you will encounter. A Walter Green will welcome you. Does the name sound familiar? Indeed, it’s because the video you will see comes from another scam known as Millionaire Blueprint.  Obviously, this app is a scam.  And when you are in the final step, you are directed to another scam app known as the Online Wealth Market. It looks like the scammers behind the mentioned apps are the same group behind

Third Evidence – Advertised on Yahoo, abc News and Others – A Big Lie

If you visit, one will see that the system is being advertised by Yahoo, abc News, msn, sky news and YouTube. But, upon checking none of them are true. If they are legit and these organization are endorsing them, so how come we cannot click on the tab. They are attaching these popular names to make the website looks legit and attract more people. Unfortunately, the program is not working on us. If you are looking for a legit binary options trading app make sure that they have proofs on their claims. If they cannot provide one, then 100% it’s a scam.

Automated Wealth Solution Review Conclusion

This comprehensive Automated Wealth Solution review proves that it is a scam. The indications are clear fake testimonies, fake endorsements, and the fact the system is associated to other scams there is no doubt this system is a fraud and you should not trust them at all.

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