Automated Financial Markets is Scam! Warning Review

This comprehensive Automated Financial Markets review will reveal the truth behind this software. We are checking out this recycled binary options app closely to help traders protected against scam. This application is promoted as being a free auto trading software that is designed to provide traders with a competitive advantage over 99% if traditional traders.

According to them, you can become an expert just like other seasoned brokers by copying their techniques. This will give you the confidence to produce consistent returns in an unpredictable trading environment. The question is, can they prove it?  As a trader, you need to look for new binary options tools to help you in trading. is one tool that you may encounter online. At first glance, it may seem to stand out among the rest but it is unique when compared to other applications available in the market. Don’t be fooled by this professionally looking app, we will prove in this review that it is just like other scam app in the market.

There are some reviews that promote They say that it is truly exciting and something that trader should consider to improve their overall performance in trading. To be fair with them, we have included in this review some information about how they work and the results traders can get if they start using the tool. is an automatic trading system it has been around recently and haven’t proven anything yet. When compared with others auto trading tools presently available, it looks like it has lots to offer. This is according to their supporters who are promoting the website vigorously. There is not enough information about who the developers are. After using the application for some time, it’s easy to understand how this software works.

Joining is easy it only takes you a minute to go through the entire process. All the things mentioned about this program is quite impressive. The question is, are they for real. Is there any proof that they can provide to support their claim? Let’s continue with our review. To join visit the website and then click join now tab. You will be redirected to their trading scheme. Once you are in the trading platform you will be assigned to their chosen brokers and ask some personal information. This includes your phone number, password, email address and of course your name. After completing this step, one will need to choose which technique you prefer. These trading systems include classic system, Martingale system, and Fibonacci system.

Automated Financial Markets is Scam – Three Evidences

As we continue with our review, we also find out that aside from the three systems mentioned above, you can also choose from 6 different signal indicators that are available. You can use any of these signals or none at all. If you use more than one signal, make sure they are set to call if not they will offset each other. Enough of what they say about their system, this part of our Automated Financial Markets review will reveal the truth behind this scam app.

We suggest that you read this Automated Financial Markets review from start to finish so you will clearly understand what we mean when we say it’s a professionally made scam software.

First Evidence – Uses Fake Demo

Unfortunately, Automated Financial Markets is scam and they work based on the White Label Robot. This software is used by many scam apps. Check out the picture above to see some examples of other scams that uses the same platform. Option Robot, Binrobot Lady and ProBinaryBot are among them. Also the program uses a fake demo. The scammers are doing this to attract more people to join them. They uses fake prices to produce profits that would never happen during the actual trading. If in case you did not read our review and open a real account using real money, you will lose your money because you cannot fake the actual trading. Thus, this scheme is a dangerous scam.

Second Evidence – No Proof of Transaction

Claiming that you are working with regulated brokers is easy but we need proof that brokers are really helping traders to earn $1000 a day just like in demo account. If you click on the broker’s name, the website will only provide the information about the brokers company but not the proof they are really helping the traders to earn.

Third Evidence – Unknown Developer

The first thing a trader would check in binary options trading robot is the developer or CEO. If it is developed by a reliable expert trader then people can trust it. In the case of they did not mention the name of developer. This is common to scam app. Some may hire an actor to represent them. The fraudsters are not providing the name of the creator intentionally so people would not know who to pursue. A clear indication that this application is a scam.

Automated Financial Markets Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that Automated Financial Markets is scam and you not trust it at all. It uses a White Label Robot just like other scam software. Not divulging the real name of the owner or developer is a clear indication of being a fraud. Not being able to provide proof that it’s really working is also a sign that they are lying about the profit.

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