Automated Binary is Scam! Warning Software Review

This Automated Binary review introduces the latest trading software that has recently introduced in binary market, getting the awareness of traders around the world. This application is quite unique in its own way as compared to other scams in the binary options market. The main question investors will be concerned about is Automated Binary is scam or legit? This supposedly unlocks the door to financial freedom for you but the truth is that it cannot be achieved and is not viable particularly, if you depend on bad reputed binary option transaction scheme. This is a brand new auto-trading scheme, launched in August 2016. People instantly get attracted to the look of this trading platform it is very well organized and spotless. So we decided to review and investigate this scam to determine if its good looks matches what it claims and offers.

When we visited landing page we noticed that it stands out as compared to other products available in binary options market today. It does not have the usual promises of scam apps. During our Automated Binary review we discovered that they allow the investors to choose which broker they prefer to open an account with. Rather than assigning a broker account instantly.

Once you register with Automatedbinary you will be rewarded with $50,000 demo account, this is quite a huge amount as compared to other scam apps, letting you to test the scheme first before you deposit real money. We tried it ourselves and let the trial run for some time, and activated the demo mode. The platform looks nicely set-up. It has 4 boxes with your account details, Auto trade key, live details and past trades.

This scam platform lets you customize your transaction. The selection of trading options would provide several top manual dealing schemes a run for their money. Upon registering and you have chosen the broker, you have to select if you prefer to continue with test or real money.

This is all a trader needs to transact using the platform. However, if you want to customize it, you can choose from 500 features. You can check out all the trading process in the robot’s settings menu. The process starts by selecting the expiry times between 60 seconds trades to five minute. Choose any combination of transaction process from Fibonacci, Martingale or Classic method. Pick one or more techniques, the business deal will be carried out only when the signal completes all the chosen strategies. The following strategies available today include MACD, Stoch, RSI, %R, trend, and CCI. There is no need for you to enroll to study any of them the scam robot automatically operates your account with the use of any of these techniques.

In spite of the scam scheme being transparent, there are some concerns that we have discovered during our comprehensive Automated Binary review. We let someone tested the software. Our review bares that looks very similar to another scheme known as the Option Robot, an equally identical app providing the same incentives and demos for testing their resolve, but it fails to provide to the investors what they promised. If this is real, curious traders should be very cautious when utilizing the app as it has some indications that this yet another fraud system developed by the same fraudsters behind the Option Robot.

Because of this Automated Binary is scam. Let us review in detail all the things you should know before deciding and make a deposit.

Automated Binary is Scam – Three Evidences

In simple terms, by simply judging by its name, it is an automated application designed to simplify the method of binary option trading for novice who are not skilled nor choose to spend many hours analyzing the charts in front of the computer screen. Those who visits you will see information about how it supposedly works. Aside from focusing multiple currency pairs, it seems traders are capable to control a plethora of settings to their own preference and discretion. Obviously, the scam app is based on the Fibonacci Principle, an old mathematical approach also known as the golden ratio. This strategy is utilized for determining future trading positions by assessing past trending numbers. We are concentrating on some of the misleading tactics and recommendations that are unknown to beginners.

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First Evidence – Terrible Advises

The users of this system have the privilege to choose various techniques which we assume dictate how the process performs and works on specific trades. For instance, you can decide on RSI, TREND, MACD, CCI, STOCH, and WILLIAMS algorithms. However, take note of the message written below the Algorithm Section. It states that “mix and match indicators to improve your signals.” What concern us a lot with this statement is that it contradicts some principles. You should learn the basics of trading and expert advised that you stick with one technique at a time, never combine two or more different techniques at the same time. It’s because each technique works in its own specific manner for the main objective of pinpointing a winning trade. However, combining different techniques could disrupt the entire process that could lead to losing trades.

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Second Evidence – $50,000 Demo Trap – WARNING!

Automated Binary is offering an additional incentive to those who are interested in joining the Automated Binary system can test the application performance by opening free demo accounts when registering. One account contains 50,000 dollars in bogus funds for traders to practice and acquaint with the Automated Binary software. This app is compared to Option Robot, they have the same offerings regarding demos. Unfortunately there are lots of traders who believed that the Option Robot demo performed winnings transactions at a constant rate, providing users false sense thinking this autotrader was efficient. In contrast, once members activated true accounts keeping their deposited funds, the level of performance reduced essentially, where the users experienced more losses than wins. The investments were emptied completely, while only few received over 60% IMT, which is not sufficient to generate earnings. A very corrupt tactic that fraudsters used to control the novice and take advantage on their losses. There are some comments that are spreading around insinuating individuals registering with Automated Binary software are facing the same issues about the demo success, followed by negative payouts after signing up with the actual software. If this is the situation the scammers have done a great job in making Automated Binary looks like a resourceful option.

Third Evidence – Useless Tool

In this in-depth Automated Binary review we were able to show you that one of the few binary options schemes that do not promise a profit, but you should be aware of some essential things. There are lots of users who have tried scam app like iRobot or Gold Binary Robot. This app has basically no advantage in the industry it just utilizes some indicators to produce signals that do not produce earnings in the long term. The worst thing is that this software likewise includes a demo account with fake results. Upon thorough Automated Binary review and tried the demo we found that this tool is worthless, because you can simply throw some indicators on your screen and deal with random signals, it would be the same, there is no need to have a third party robot. t.

Automated Binary Review Conclusion

Our final verdict, Automated Binary is scam because of several questionable factors embedded within the app. Traders need to feel secured in all areas of online investments, by using a software that assures safety, reliability and confidence. The combination of strategies, presence of convoluted demos and indicators does not guarantee safety for novice traders. When it comes to financial matters, make sure that your money is safe and do not take the risk of investing it to untrusted scheme.

Thus, it is vital that you know which services are dangerous or reliable. We advise traders especially the novice to read this comprehensive Automated Binary review first before you decide.

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