Auto Money Maker is Scam! Software Review

This complete Auto Money Maker review will expose the lies and misleading information that you will see in their website. But before we proceed on discussing their deceit and tactics to encourage people to sign up, it is best that we check out first how this scam works. This new software operates on full autopilot. The supposed owner Arthur McCool claims that this complex but easy to use apps will change your lives. You can earn up to $2700 regularly, and this will be available for novice investors who are interested to sign up with the system.

This system is definitely a money stealing scheme and this review will try to prove it to you. It has all the indications of scam software. Let’s evaluate how this will be able to generate lots of money for short period of time. If you visit their you will hear the voice over actor, encouraging people to register into the system. If you land in this kind of sale pitch you should leave as soon as posible. For those who are new in this industry should read this article from start to finish in order exposing the lies in detailed.

The promotional video is made in such a way that can attract lots of people. According to our review this is some sort of copy trading system. Since the alleged creator is a very successful trader he develops a system that mimics his transaction tactics. The application scans his past posts and is supposed to perform trades on the same setups. You might encounter on the charts the same setups, but they are not the same, thus we are not certain how this algorithm can function in reality. It should be some sort of artificial intelligence and we are aware that binary options and Sci-fi do not complement each other.

Auto Money Maker is Scam – Three Evidences

The binary options trading market is a very challenging place where generating money is what people want to do, but some are having a hard time producing it. This is the reason why automated binary options trading schemes are becoming popular. This type of trading is quite difficult and the risks associated with it are quite very high, but with the help of a legit autotrader it can make things much simpler. This Auto Money Maker review will prove that this system is nothing but a scam and the three evidences below will prove it.

This is the latest in the binary options which claims to provide you a very precise result and trading experience. Our review shows that the application can’t actually help you earn $2765 a day which is an exaggeration. It has an accuracy rate of 92% which is not viable and is not possible when it comes to trading. The problem with this ridiculous scam is that there are no solid evidences that will prove their claims. You should not invest on this sort of scam system because this will provide you nothing.

First Evidence – Fake Creator

The creator of this scam is Arthur McCool. This is probably not his real name. The scammers behind these frauds always provide fake presenters. You can notice it right away because they use ridiculous or too familiar names. We are not sure why scam software uses obviously fake names. It is hard to believe that Arthur McCool is a real individual because we never talk to him in person. Only stock photo of some guy from Google images and to make it even more realistic the presentation is being accompanied by a voice over.  Seeing this kind of platform we usually get suspicious. If the creator is for real then why would they hide the real developers and creators and refuse to show their real identity.

Second Evidence – Fake Stories

Their promo video is quite dubious and includes fake testimonials done by paid actors. It is not only the owner who is suspicious but the persons who are providing the testimonies as well. This also contains all the luxurious details and tells everyone that they need to live in a life of financial freedom which this system can offer. Likewise, they claim that the software is free but in reality, you are required to deposit some money as your investment.

Third Evidence – Impossible Profit and ITM Rate

According to their this system can generate around $2700 every day, 7 days a week and has 97% ITM rate. Obviously, this app is a scam this amount is not achievable and the trading day starts at Monday and ends on Friday, thus it is impossible to do the trading 7 days a week. This with simple algorithm is impossible to generate such amount.  The 97% ITM rate is also not possible since trading is a losing and winning transaction. Generally, one cannot make that much money in just one week. The 97% accuracy rate is absolutely not possible. No one will just give you thousands of dollars every day, no matter how much you want it.

Auto Money Maker Review Conclusion

With the evidences presented above in this review, definitely Auto Money Maker is scam and you should stay away from it. The scammers behind this scam will steal your money, so you better not easily give your cash. These scammers normally use fake promises, fake names, bogus testimonials and impossible profits. So, stay away from this app because it will surely empty your pocket.

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