Auto Money App is Scam! An Honest Review

This complete Auto Money App review will expose the lies and deception. The system is yet another scam trading robot similar to the other scam known as the Secret Millionaire Society. This application is allegedly developed by Daniel Rosenberg. There are claims in website that are impossible for them to provide. Just like other scam software there is lot of promises that is too good to be true. They are claiming that the application is free to download and it can be retrieved from a unique invitation link which is not true.

Also, another vital claim made by Daniel Rosenberg is its ability to minimize risks within the binary option market, essentially enabling you to get better returns of investment. This is also not true. The truth is no single unique feature about this application that is worth your time. In short Auto Money App is scam and you should stay away from it.

How this fake software works is very simple and actually does nothing but encourage you in to making your own personal deposits to make some deals in the binary option industry. Thus, the use of this program is to get the money you invested, for his profit. According to Daniel Rosenberg the software is free with no catches, but you are required to invest a minimum amount of $250.

The investment will supposed to go to a certain binary option trade, which you have chosen personally. For instance in gamble, you have 50/50 possibility of winning. Thus, there is nothing special about this app. No such thing as some sort of smart app that can foretell the signals in this kind of trading to help minimize the chance of losing and increase the possibility of winning. These things are all not true. Regardless of whether you have taken part in trading industry prior to this Auto Money App review, we suggest continue with this kind of way of producing money online with or without the use of any app. These systems will only worsen your opportunities of winning by having you to make one deposit after another continuously. Thus, this review proves that the time you lose it all, you don’t have the chance to get your money back.

Auto Money App is Scam – Three Evidences

We have found out through our review that Daniel Rosenberg and other online marketers are trying to exploit this type of industry. This is absolutely wrong, immoral, and is the worst ways of producing money. The main objective of this review is to help you determine and keep your money protected before using any application. In this review, we will present to you some evidences that will prove that this software is nothing but a scam.

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 We have written this Auto Money App review to warn people and to keep their hard-earned money protected.

First Evidence – Who is Daniel Rosenberg?

Daniel Rosenberg claims to be the developer of this app and has earned millions of dollars using his system. The promo video includes story about his family and even his supposed parents appeared in the video to testify that what he designed was very effect in trading. Unfortunately, he is a fictitious character created by the scammers behind thi app. All their claims here are not real they are created to attract people to sign up and steal their money. We tried searching for Daniel Rosenberg on Google and we found nothing. Even in trading forums his name is unknown. It is impossible for successful traders to be unknown in this industry. Clearly, this software is a scam and people should stay away from it.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonial

The very first thing people would look at if they interested on a particular software is the testimonials. Its through them that you will be able to decide whether to sign up or not. With this application the people giving testimonies are fake actors from Aside from this, the man on the first image claims that he access the system on January 11, 2015. However, upon checking at we found out that the website was registered only on May 21, 2015, so how come he was able to access it on January 11, 2015. A clear indication that this system is nothing but a scam.

Third Evidence – Bonus up to $1000 A Big Lie

The developer promises to give you $1,000 if you watch the video until the end of the presentation. According to him it will be deposited directly into your account after watching the video presentation. This is not true. There is no proof whatsoever that will prove that this is true. Would it be posible for any company to pay such amount by simply watching the presentation. It is too good to be true, don’t believe such offer. They are doing this simply to attract more people to join the app.

Auto Money App Review Conclusion

This in-depth review proves that Auto Money App is scam and you should not trust them at all. The indications are clear fake developer, fake testimonials and full of lies and misleading information. Investing your money in this kind of system is not good, you will lose everything.

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