Aurum Tech is Scam! Important Review

The Aurum Tech software developed by Marco Shoemaker is the latest auto trading application in the binary options market which has been introduced recently with big promises including making an investor a millionaire overnight or fast with a fraud and imaginary fabrication involved.  Unfortunately, Aurum Tech is scam and will go viral soon among novice traders and investors who are searching for a legitimate service in trading.

We thus decided to create this comprehensive Aurum Tech review to warn people and keep them protected against this ridiculous app. So, before you make another step and make that important financial decision, make sure that you have read our in-depth Aurum Tech review from start to finish and trade securely.

The supposed CEO and owner of Aurum Tech is Marco Shoemaker. According to him, he developed the auto trader together with a team of professionals, engineers and programmers, to produce the most innovative trading software on the financial industry. Marco Shoemaker stated that his robot is connected to the stock markets, and evaluates the commodities reports and produces winning trades every day on your behalf. Aurum is Latin for gold. But, do not be fooled by its name. We have visited a lot of binary options websites developed to make it look authentic, which in reality is nothing but a scam. Our main purpose of creating this comprehensive review is to make it clear to everybody that this app falls in the same category.  Let us start with its web page and how the system supposed to work.

Just like other trading website the have a promotional video to describe how amazing the software is and what you can get from using it. In this thorough review we have discovered a lot of pointers directing to the fact that Aurum Tech is scam. Before we go to our evidences let us first discuss how this application works. These guys have gone all out to create a scam that will attract more traders. They have hired actors just like others, rented fake premises, and even rented a private jet. They are doing all these things to convince people that they are legit. Although, the company is registered make sure that you will not get fooled by this scam.

Aurum Tech is Scam – Three Evidences

How does this scam works? The truth is the owners of the website are scammers who generate money by scamming individuals to their app. This is why they are able to spend a lot on their website, luxurious private jet and actors because it is all created to encourage people to join. They will aim to scam and trick as many people as they can. Through this scheme they will be able to earn a lot.

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First Evidence – Fake Claims and Actors

Marco Shoemaker was the supposed to be the head developer and CEO of the Aurum Tech application. According to Marco Shoemaker he developed the auto trader together with the team of experts including engineers, programmers and ex Wall Street employee. They work together to produce the most advanced trading tool on the financial industry. Marco Shoemaker has stated that the robot he developed is connected to the stock markets, and analyzes the commodities reports and produces winning trades every day on your behalf and the outcome, the Aurum Tech software could offer you with a very profitable trades it finds in a given transaction day. Also, Marco Shoemaker mentioned that new members will be earning thousands of dollars each day, every day and it is for free.

Before we continue with our thorough review, we would like to inform you that the man who supposed to be the CEO and developer of this scam is the same actor that you will on scam binary options apps like Mirror Trade and Cash Loophole. He uses different names in Mirror Trade his name was John Harrison while in Cash Loophole his name was Richard Sellars. He promotes all these scam platforms and asserts the same lies and promises of making thousands of dollars each day, and will help traders become a millionaire within the shortest time possible. Honestly, exposing this fact about the owner of this scam is a good reason to flag it as dangerous software. But, we will continue with our in-depth Aurum Tech review and will state more reasons why we recommend that you should stay away with this scheme.

Second Evidence – The Algorithm and Success Rate are Not Viable

If you visit, one will find a vague website. We were informed that the signals are only generated when the deal is going to win. This is driven by real-time market data and the capability to decide in a split of seconds. Thus, they termed it cutting edge technology. But we doubt this claim since there is no proof provided to support the claims. It remains to be seen that definitely this is an advanced technology which they implement to win trades. Most of the scam applications use the phrase advanced technology. It is not only a valid explanation. We are looking for something that will prove what they claim. Another claim that concerned us is the win rate. They say that the win rate is 95%. This is a big lie since there is no robot that can produced win rate this high not even the most accurate one. The market dynamic is unpredictable this is the reason why a 95% win rate is not viable. There are several factors that can affect the result of your trading. Factors like execution price, volatility, news, events and others will influence how slow or fast one will lose or make money. It is absolutely impossible to develop a scheme that will yield a 95% win rate continuously. Not unless this app can think like a human being, there is no way it can put all the mentioned factors into consideration to change the strategy every now and then.

Third Evidence – Fake Testimonies

Another issue that will prove that Aurum Tech is scam is the testimonies provided by the supposed users. If you scroll down on the you will see the image of a man who is allegedly to be one of the traders who generate lots of cash. Well, as you can see, this person is nothing but a stolen image from the search engine and a fake identity which has been produced by fraudsters who is behind this webpage with an objective to control innocent individuals with misleading information to steal their hard earned money.

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Aurum Tech Review Conclusion

Unfortunately, we haven’t heard about an industry that includes generating money online that does not include fake activities. With that being said, you will need to decide intelligently before you invest your money in one of the services on binary options industry. This comprehensive review proves that Aurum Tech is scam and will drain your trading account in a blink of an eye.

Our review was able to provide evidences to prove that this scheme will not make you a millionaire overnight and that we don’t have other choice but to consider this as a deceptive program and a complete fraud that has to be banned.

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