Aurum Bank is Scam! Warning Review

This comprehensive Aurum Bank review will expose how dangerous this HYIP company. If you have read reviews about this sort of business, you will agree that it is not good to invest your money on it. However, there are still some who take the risk and put their money in this kind of business. We have written this review to warn our readers about AurumBank and suggest that you should stay away from it.

Before you make further action, it is best that you read our Aurum Bank review first. Your money will be protected and one will have a better understanding on how HYIP businesses work.

If you want to try and invest on an HYIP firm, make sure that you are prepared to lose everything you deposited. Yes, this is the opposite of what you think it is. This alleged bank is a big lie and has already fooled thousands of people. It will only stop scamming once people stop investing on it. We are urging you that after you read our review please share this to others so they can avoid this scam as well. By doing this, you will be giving them a big favor and help in getting rid of this scam. Continue reading our review to find out their lies on and how the system works.

Aurum Bank is Scam – Three Evidences

We have mentioned already in this review that Aurum Bank is scam is operating as high yield investment program. According to them they can provide you massive incomes with a small deposit. Their projected return on investment is quite high and impossible. For instance, they claim that if one invests $1200 one will earn $5500 after trading for 110 days. This looks pretty impressive, but the chances of getting the profit are very low. Continue reading this review as we expose to you the lies and proofs that it is a scam.

We want to emphasize, is not a bank. Not because it has the word bank on its name it means it’s a bank. AurumBank is not associated with a bank, and it does not operate as one. They are just trying to deceive people so they would think the business is a legit site. This is one way of tricking people, so the scammers can attract more investors. Banks are regulated and insured while Aurum-Bank is not. It only means that if one deposits your money with this site, you will take the risk of losing them all. Your money is unprotected. This is a very dangerous investment and you should not support them.

First Evidence – Anonymous Developer

According to them the business is composed of team of investors and professional cryptocurrency traders who work in different areas. They also have investments in Gold in Africa. This looks very impressive and convincing, but they are claiming these things to trick people so you would think that the firm is really investing your deposits to earn big. The truth is more complex than what you see in website.

First, who are these people that comprises the team. They should have mention at least one or two members of their so called group of professionals. This is uncommon for a legit business. If the firm is legit they should be proud naming the geniuses behind the firm but they did not bother to name even one of the member. Definitely, a clear indication of being a scam.

Second Evidence – No Proof of Trading

If a company really wants to gain the trust of the public, it needs to provide some evidences that will prove their claims. If Aurum Bank claims to be a successful trading company, they should be able to present a full report of their trading history including the losing and winning.  This firm failed to do so and the worst part is that all of their images are taken from the stock photos from the internet. What looks like a legit company, turns out to be a scam. This company is using an old technique in tricking people to encourage them to invest. Also, the website failed to provide proof that people can actual withdraw their cash.

Third Evidence – Using Ponzi Scheme

The company claims to invest your investment into trading so it will earn big. But they did not mention how they will do it. The truth is that they are not investing your money. The scammers behind this scheme are using your deposits to old members so they can gain trust. And some of your investment is going directly in their pockets. Yes, they are offering several options to earn big, but these are all fabricated and none of them are real.

If a member asks for a withdrawal for the first time, they would grant your request to withdraw the money. Then, they will convince you to invest more, but this time you will not be able to withdraw it. They will tell you that you can only withdraw your earnings once you deposit the minimum amount of investment.

Aurum Bank Review Conclusion

This complete review clearly shows that Aurum Bank is scam, this company is nothing but a fraud. The evidences were presented above – unknown developer, no proof of trading and applying Ponzi scheme – to prove that this company will not help you earn money but will help you to lose. Stay away from this scam.If you find this review helpful to you, feel free to share this with others.

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