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This comprehensive review will enlighten about HYIP and why we consider this investment program as scam. We are just starting with our investigation about this program so we are still finding some evidences to prove that its scam. Our initial findings and based on what we have gathered so far, we can prove to you that this investment scheme is nothing but a scam. So, before you make further action we suggest that you read our review first before you decide. If fail to take our warning seriously, you may end up losing everything you have with this Ponzi scheme which usually does not live longer in the market.  For those who are not aware of what Ponzi scheme is, it’s an illegal business practice where investor’s money is used to pay earlier investors. It’s a very dangerous scheme. If you invest in HYIP, the risk of losing your money is greater. Expert HYIP traders know when they should withdraw the money before the business closes.

The average lifetime of such program is an important factor in determining a program’s risk. For instance, a program that pays 3 to 4% every day employing an expert and unique design and well-advertised can stay in the market for several months. You can invest on it during first or second month. But, investing on the program for over three to four months is a dangerous move. While the program that pays around 1% every day may last longer and might even last up to a year or more. The fact that this system is using a Ponzi scheme, we can easily say that it is a scam. But for the benefit of those who cannot understand clearly why such program is known as a risky investment system, this thorough review is for you.

We are sure that the only people who are benefiting a lot from this fraud system are the people who recommend it to you. They get paid or commission each time they can convince someone to invest on it. The majority of our readers are probably those who want to invest online but are not sure whether they are dealing with legit or scam app. Many people who want to earn online were scammed. Because of the open nature of the World Wide Web, scammers become more creative. It is hard to stop them, particularly in a country with different laws. We are sure that this will not last longer. But for the meantime, it is best to keep safe online. There are lots of people who become victims of identity theft and having their credit card used without their knowledge. is Scam – Three Evidence

Most of the HYIP investment sites are not only after your money. One of their main objectives in putting up such website is for them to get your personal information. We have found out during our review that once they get your name, credit card number and others that they will require you to provide they will steal not just your money but your identity as well. To be fair with others who are operating legally, there are still some that you can trust. Going back to, we will show you proofs that this program is a scam and you should not trust them.

First Evidence – Fake CEO and Team

The company has presented their team in about us section. The group comprises of nine individuals. These people are responsible in updating the site and manage the operation of the firm. But we notice one slight problem the pictures are stolen from somewhere and the team is from other investment company known as Brown Capital Management. The entire team was stolen from a different website. To make it looks different they change the names of each member and make some alterations on the job descriptions to make it seems like these are different individuals. You compare it on your own.

Second Evidence – Trades Forex, Stocks and Gold

If the company is wise enough to fabricate a team of professionals, what makes you think you can trust them to handle your hard-earned money and they will not lie about their investments? Absolutely, you cannot trust them at all. We already confirmed that the entire team is a fake. Thus, if the team is fake, then who will trade your investment to profit? The truth is that there is no actual trading taking place. They are just making these things up so you will get attracted with their service and invest on their firm. There is no proof that there is an actual trading taking place.

Third Evidence – Fake User Review

This in-depth review about is created to help investors on their investments. Most of them are not sure whether to invest on this company or not. After reading this review, one can decide if this is worth investing for or not.  During our investigation, we have found out that their user review section is also fake. The photos are from stock photo and the review and quotes are fabricated. Check out the image above. It  bears the picture of a woman, upon checking you can also see the image of this woman in other places online. It seems like that their website is full of lies and misleading information. In short, don’t trust this investment site. Review Conclusion

After evaluating and analyzing their Asset Finance website we can conclude that is scam. The company has fabricated team of experts that supposed to do the trading for you. You will not get any result because the supposed trading is not taking place at all. Even the user’s review, they are all fake. Never trust Asset Finance or you will lose everything you have.

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