Aram Binary Options Group is Scam! Detailed Review

This comprehensive Aram Binary Options Group Pro review will expose the lies and deceit found in their Both new and expert traders depend on the trading program they are using. You can trade either manually or in auto mode.

However, the number of scam software is much higher as compared to the legit apps. So the first thing you should do is to determine whether the system you are interested to work with is legit or fraud. We have written this review to help you decide whether to trust this app or not.

According to they are group of professional traders that offer expert binary options signals that you can follow and applies to win 78% of your trades. The trading signals are given via Skype during the 7 daily trading sessions, with the Price, Expiry, Money Management advice, Direction and Asset. For instance, if we want you to Call Euro against United States Dollar at 10:03 GMT with 10:15 expiry, 1.12687 price and advise to invest 5% of your overall budget on a specific trade. The signal will be sent to you in the following format – Call, Eur/USD, 1.12687, 10:15, 5%. All you need to do is to click on the Call button on your broker once you can start using the info and around 80 out of 100 times you will be in the money.

Aram Binary Options Group is Scam – Three Evidences

Based on our initial investigation we found is scam. If one is still in doubt, before we present to you the evidences that will prove that Aram Binary Options Group is scam it’s best that we discuss first how the system works.

You are reading this review because you want to know whether Arambinaryoptionsgroup is scam or not. Based on our findings and investigation we have found out that this is fake software and people should stay away from it. The robot is being launched as a profitable binary options trading system which is easy to work with. If you visit their website, you will see the phrase that it is ranked as the no. 1 live trading robot for forex and binary options. This is quite an important claim that requires verification.

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We have checked out the list of the top trading robots and this app is not listed on it. The winning ratio is at the average. The application claims a 78% winning rate so that people can trust the software. Other figures such as total members and signals sent are fake. The software has been launched a few months ago so it’s difficult to believe on these figures. Read our complete Aram Binary Options Pro review first before you sign up.

First Evidence – Scam Software

According to them the system started to operate in 2014, but upon checking to website was registered only last September 2016. However, this is a small issue only. The main problem was with the software itself. The system is supposed to provide 78% win rate. The traders can copy trades from expert traders. But it is not real, because the app applies a robot which is a scam application. This platform is definitely not unique, the scheme is applied by number of scams. Check out the picture above to see some other other scam robots that use similar app, like iRobot, Gold Binary Robot or Option Robot.

Second Evidence – Working with Unregulated Brokers

The most important question you need to ask yourself to keep you protected when deciding which trading robot to choose is this software will link your account to licensed brokers or not. The primary problem with this type of scam is that they will link your account to unregulated brokers. If one deals with unregistered brokers he is not sure whether you can withdraw your money if one requests for it, or you will lose all of them. Also, there is no regulation authority that will handle your complaint when it happens. Since this software is a scam then obviously they are working with non-licensed or even blacklisted brokers. It only means that none of the proposed brokers associated with this robot holds a valid license from a regulation authority.

Third Evidence – Unreliable Testimonials

Would you believe every word these people say about the system? We don’t since the system does not provide the real evidence and testimonies. The alleged testimonies are all text and are not supported by evidences that they are really earning big. Also, we don’t know whether these individuals are real or fictitious characters created by the scammers behind this app. Definitely it is a sign this app is nothing but a scam and our review was able to prove it.

Aram Binary Options Group Review Conclusion

This in-depth review proves that Aram Binary Options Group Pro is scam, nothing but a fraud. There are lots of indications proving how malicious this scam is. The fake testimonies, working with unregulated brokers and using scam software these are all indications this is a fraud app. It is impossible for a trader who wants to earn big in this industry to make it possible if you are working with a fraud program. At present, there is more scam software than the legit so make sure that you are aware of these signs before you sign up.

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