Arab Money Machine is Scam! Critical Review

Our main purpose of writing this Arab Money Machine review is not to recommend the app but to warn people. We have been asked by many wannabe traders about this software. Thus before making any recommendation it is just right to carry out a thorough investigation about this software. This review will reveal to you the lies and deception hidden on their website. Also, included in this review are proofs and evidences that will prove how scam this system is. But before we enumerate the lies and misleading information, we would like to present to you this app based on what they claim they are.

This software was developed by Daryll Graham and we have included this app in our list of scam websites. contains lie and misleading information. Let’s check out what the system can offer. They offer a good life. If you dream to drive Ferraris and Lamborghinis this app will help you get one. The platform contains the secret of Darryl Graham how he becomes a millionaire at the click of the button. If you want to have a life like him this is your chance. He is offering the software for 100 beta testers from around the world and who want to make a lot of money from the oil business.

Stay away from this program it will not do good on you. Every component of this trading scam is fake with the primary intention of deceiving people out of your money. Their claims to produce hundreds of thousands of dollars for their beta testers and present users this claim fails ridiculously. Empty promises together with a maximum winning rate of 53% have been proven by this application.

Arab Money Machine is Scam – Three Evidences

Their promotional video is created to attract and deceive new traders to sign up and deposit their money. There are lots of scam websites that are applying the same technique that this application is using. They claim that they can generate success rates of 99.8%. But this is not possible, not even the most legit program can provide such winning rate. This only proves that it is nothing but a scam.

Our review, we will present to you the proofs why we considered this as scam. If you want to earn extra money thru trading never trust There is still some legit applications out there that you can depend on. Before entrusting your money make sure that you have checked the company thoroughly. The website delivers inaccurate trading signals that spam the emails. Actually, they are sending more emails than usual to ensure that you receive their offer.

First Evidence – Who is Daryll Graham?

Based on his story he started working as an oil contractor in the UAE, but during his sleepless nights he was able to develop trading software that helps him earn millions of dollars. According to Daryll Graham with the help of his platform he becomes rich and bought luxurious car and enjoys life to the fullest. However, upon checking and searching Google we cannot find anything that will confirm the identity of this man. We discovered that this man is a paid actor. Just like other bogus system they use actors to act as the founder or CEO to make the system looks legit.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonials

Just like other scam sites uses paid actors to make testimonials in front of the camera. The developers want to make the software looks legit and reliable. But we were able to search for the identity of these individuals and we have found out that they are from They are endorsing the app and telling people they make money using it. The truth is that these people never traded using the system nor made a single cent with it.

Third Evidence – Misleading Information

It was mentioned in their promo video that this program runs on an algorithm that is focusing on oil trading strategy. They said they were able to produce at least $20,000 to $50,000 on auto mode. Also, Daryll Graham asserts this app was so effective that it was able to help around 1300 individuals in the UAE $2 million dollars. And because of this, they were featured in CNN news. During our Arab Money Machine review in this application we have found out that they were never featured in CNN. More and more complaints from new traders were reported.

Arab Money Machine Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that Arab Money Machine is scam, the software is nothing but fraud and people should stay away from this. The scammers behind this program were exaggerating when they said that it can help you become rich fast. There is no such thing as 99.8% winning rate. Not even the most reliable and legit software can achieve this. Never trust a website that offers too good to be true profit. The possibility of being a scam is high.

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