Anon System Review – A Dangerous Scam

Anon System is the latest automated trading app developed by the Anonymous group that is against inequality. The group responsible for this robot claims have developed an advanced trading robot that can manipulate the cryptocurrency market and generate revenue for users.

This Anon System review is written to help traders, novice, and professional be safe against scammers. Included in this review are pieces of evidence that will prove that this trading system is a scam, and you should not trust it. Your money is not safe with this software.

What is Anon System?

Anon System is an automated trading robot that claims to generate high profits for its users by taking advantage of cryptocurrency prices. The robot also allows the users to trade anonymously, which means all the members are hidden under an AnonTrader username. 

On their website, they made mention that the trading software is part of the group Anonymous. The group is responsible for attacking government websites and some banks. It is not clear if Anon System can produce money for investors. Its only evidence is the video displayed on the website showing live trading operation. 

How does it work?

AnonSystem is just like other trading robots in the market today. It claims to operate auto trading. According to them, they can find a small price difference in the cryptocurrency market and use it to benefit from it. 

Although it is not possible to know how this app works, it is a must for new traders to know how this trading robot works. The argument over High-frequency trading is vital over auto-trading machines’ morality when it comes to financial markets. Many auto trading tools function freely in the Forex, Futures, and Stock markets since the ’90s and are legal. 

On their website, you will see a video showing how the system works. After completing the registration process and deposited the funds into the account, Anon System will redirect you to a supposed regulated broker but it’s an unregulated broker. It will do the trading on your behalf. Unfortunately, you will be redirected but not with a reliable broker. 

Why is Anon System a scam?

Anon System is a dangerous scam. You will be clueless as to where your money goes. To show you how to scam this software is, we have gathered three proofs that will support our claim that this system is nothing but a fraud.

Not associated with group Anonymous

If you can still remember a few years back, a group introduced themselves as Anonymous hacked government, company, and agency websites. The group uses their skills and knowledge to attack websites that they want to penetrate. Anon System is not associated with this group. This software is created by scammers using the Anonymous name to make their websites popular to the people. Also, it is not promoted by the said group. 

Anon System

Unrealistic earnings

There is no truth that a trading system can generate a fixed monthly profit. Anon System claims that you can earn $1,000 monthly if you trade for $250, which is ridiculous. The trading result is not constant, it changes every day, so software can’t assume that they can offer such earnings daily. Besides they do not show a real track record audited by a third party.

Anon System also promises to have risk-free financial trading, which is not possible as well. There is always a risk when trading because there are factors that cannot be predicted—the same with very volatile cryptocurrencies. 

Unregulated brokers 

The video mentioned that they are working with regulated brokers, but in reality, they are not. They tried to work with legitimate brokers, but they get rejected right away because they are scammers. Thus, Anon System works together with unregulated brokers who are into dirty works and get money from traders. 

The funny thing is that you can find positive reviews and comments confirming that they earned a lot using the app. These sites are affiliated to the company, which means they get commissions if someone clicks their AnonSystem link and register. 


Anon System is a scam, and it is not connected with Anonymous hackers. It was created to attract people to register and deposit money so they can steal it. Never trust this site. If you want to experience trading using cryptocurrency, search for software that works with trusted and legal broker using the demo account. If you are decided to trade using real money, make sure you know the risks, have a solid and verified strategy, and invest only the money you can afford to lose.

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Is Anon System safe?

No, it is not. As we have mentioned in this review, Anon System is a scam, and it will only steal your money. 

Is there a mobile app available for this software?

Upon searching, we cannot find any mobile app for this software, and we think it is a good thing as having a mobile app may make other people believe that it is reliable software. 

Is it really possible to earn money using Anon System?

No, it is not possible. You may see comments and reviews saying that they are earning using this software. These are affiliate sites. They do this to earn when someone clicks on the link and register. 

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