AI Stock Profits Review – Stay Away From This Scam App

AI Stock Profits is a trading app that claims to provide a better chance to earn more up to $2,500 per week by trading using artificial intelligence. They made people believe that a hedge-fund manager designed it and you can use it for free. But the truth, this software is a scam, and you should avoid it.

We have written this AI Stock Profits review to prove that this trading program is a fraud. In this post, we showed some images to support our claim. Before you click on the “Start Trading Now” button, make sure to read our review first.

What is AI Stock Profits?

AI Stock Profits claims to be an automated trading system that can provide lots of money online. According to them, the software uses very accurate profit signals to detect trends in the AI market to enable the traders to make guaranteed profits. This review will prove that the above statements are not valid. What is being said on their website is all lies.

AI Stock Profits also claims that they are the most reliable algorithm because of their AI. Based on some reviews, the software uses the data they have collected to generate trading signals. None of their claims is true.

How does it work?

AI Stock Profits scans the market 24/7 to look for better trading opportunities. It has critical market parameters that help the algorithm reliable when it comes to trade signals. Sounds impressive, but again it is not valid. Also, they claim to have a “time-up” technology software that is quite consistent.

After thorough market research, the algorithm picks the most profitable trades for the traders. They will trade on your behalf. Their algorithm claims to have the ability to execute various trades in a flash. Thus, it helps traders to generate profits even while you are asleep.

Sounds impressive, right? But, all of these are not true.

Why AI Stock Profits is a Scam?

We have been telling you that AI Stock Profits is a scam since the start of this review. Some of the evidence we have gathered to prove it is a fake website are presented below. These proofs are enough to show how this software has been stealing money from people.

Cloned/Recycled website

Scammers are becoming lazy these days. They are using the same template for their websites. These websites have the same look with different names and text, but they offer the same. There is a possibility that it is done by one developer with the purpose of confusing people. The site has been cloned again and again.

AI Stock Profits

The above images are only some of the companies you will see online. There are lots of them on the internet. So, if you see one, stay away from it.

Impossible success rate

Would you think a 99% success rate possible? No trading app can have a success rate this high. Not even the most legitimate and regulated software can achieve this. This too good to be true offer is a sign that this is not legit and a scam. Most of the fraud trading apps claim to obtain such profit to attract people to register and deposit money. Do not get victimized.

Not regulated – Trading illegally

Any website dealing with money should be licensed or regulated by the financial authority in the area where they are operating. In the case of AI Stock Profits, they are operating in the UK, so they need to have a license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Make sure to transact only from regulated sites so you will be protected.


AI Stock Profits is a scam, and you should not invest your money in it. Their primary purpose of putting up a website is to attract people to invest and steal the money. Do not get victimized by this dirty broker. If you want to trade to see if you can earn money from it, start with a free demo account so you will not lose anything.

Before investing real money, make sure you have done your research, consulted an expert and previous users. If you are one of the victims of AI Stock Profits, feel free to comment below.

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How much do I need to pay to join AI Stock Profits?

Joining AI Stock Profits is free, but you need to deposit the minimum required before you can start trading. We suggest not to invest any money in it since it is a scam.

How much can I earn with AI Stock Profits?

They claim that you can earn up to $10,000 a month. But, in reality, they will not earn from this site. Instead, you will lose all your money.

Is AI Stock Profit safe?

No, AI Stock Profit is not safe. It is a scam website, and its primary purpose is to lure people into investing and stealing money from you.

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