AddyFX Review – Scam Trading Software

AddyFX limited is a trading software that helps people to generate monthly profit through their investments. The site’s mission is to provide financial sustainability with its advanced platform, professional, and experienced fund managers in the financial market worldwide. 

This AddyFX review is written to determine if the site is a scam or legit. At the early stage of our study, we already have a hint that this software is a scam. 

What is AddyFX?

At first glance on the AddyFX website, you might think that it is a legitimate site. But if you look deeper into it, you will notice there is something wrong with this website. The site claims to provide financial sustainability. They are offering investment plans publicly. 

The app offers four plans promising returns from 13% to 25% monthly with a minimum deposit as low as $300. After months, the company reduced the plans and the returns, but they have removed them from the website. The question is, how can the app achieved up to 25% monthly returns. 

How does it work?

The highest Royal plan was 25% monthly ROI when it started in 2019. This plan was removed and was replaced by 20% monthly profits known as Golden. At present, the plans were removed from the website. They have made the changes as they know that the regulators are starting to check on them.

So, they need to hide any evidence that will prove that they do not have a license. The monthly returns are reducing because it is working as a Ponzi scheme that slows down deposits.

In a Ponzi scheme, they get their funds from new members and give them to older members as their profit. They need a continuous flow of money, or else their funds will dry out and eventually collapse. 

It looks like AddyFX is still active and operating. However, once they failed to attract new members, the cycle will stop, and they could not pay their members. 

Why AddyFX is a scam?

AddyFX is a scam, and we will prove them to you. Below is evidence that will prove how this app tries to conceive people to sign up and invest. The app promises impossible things that even reliable software cannot achieve. This part of the review will show you how the app is designed to attract investors and steal their money. 

Promises impossible profits

AddyFX promises 13% to 25% monthly profit, something that even a regulated company could not achieve. An investment plan that promises a 25% profit in a year is considered an achievable and a good one. Many would be willing to invest in it. But a 25% monthly fixed return is impossible. If you check their website, they have removed their investment plans. Maybe they are aware that the authorities are watching them. In other words, you’re facing a Ponzi scheme.

No proofs of trading results

The website has been existing for two years, and yet no proof of trading were presented. Also, AddyFX did not mention what brokers it uses to invest. A reliable company can provide audited investment results, so the investors will know what they will gain if they join. 

If the company can produce a 25% monthly ROI, it will not have any issue showing its trading statement so investors can review them before investing. It looks like AddyFX is using an MLM or a Ponzi Scheme since there is no truth about their trading. If this is the case, then the company may collapse anytime soon. 

AddyFX is not regulated

Like any trading companies in other countries, they need to be registered and authorized by a Financial Regulatory Authority before operating. This also goes with AddyFX. The company claims to be located in Nigeria. If you do some research on the SEC website or other financial authorities, you will not find this company listed. 


It only means that AddyFX is not regulated and is operating illegally. A legitimate company would proudly display its authorization or license on its website. This company is also not regulated in other countries, which means that they cannot get clients from other countries. 


After our thorough review and assessment, we can conclude that AddyFX is nothing but a scam. It is not a profitable Forex trading platform and is operating illegally. The company applies the Ponzi scheme, which is not sustainable and may collapse anytime. 

If you want to experience Forex trading, try it with a legit company licensed to operate. You can also start with a demo account, so you don’t have to deposit real money when learning and testing. If you want to trade using real money, make sure you know the risks and invest only money you can afford to lose. 

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Is it safe to trade with AddyFX Limited?

It is not safe to invest with AddyFX because it is not regulated and is a scam. 

Who owns AddyFX?

Like other scam websites, they do not want to expose their identity, so they remain anonymous. 

What country is Addy FX regulated in?

We cannot find any country that has given AddyFX a license to operate as a trading app.

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