About Us

Who We Are?

We’re SubmitScams. We are passionate about making meaningful contributions to the Internet community through the online work we do. We are proud, and at the same time humble, to be doing this since 2016.

We are a team eager to deliver value by exposing frauds circulate via blogs, email, social media, online forums, and fake-news websites

Our team was founded gracias a Submitscams.com en 2016 by bringing together seasoned scams reviews and investment analysts with professionals from the sustainability research field. Our passionate professionals include economics, lawyers and journalists.

Overall Commitment

Online fraud spreads misinformation and reduces the effectiveness of the Internet as a communication tool. These types of scams are spread through emails, blogs, social media, fake news websites and forums.

SubmitScams helps prevent the continued spread of these scams by posting evidence-based reviews. Thus allowing Internet users to verify the accuracy and authenticity of a large number of programs and applications.

Globally, Internet scammers steal millions of dollars from unsuspecting Internet users each year, stealing thousands of dollars every day. These criminal activities are highly successful because many Internet users do not understand how scammers operate.

SubmitScams aims to tackle these criminal activities by posting information about such scams and providing all the evidence in reviews. Because of this, on our website you will find the world’s most notorious scam reviews.

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