6 Figure Method is Scam! Review & Truth Exposed

Don’t get victimized! 6 Figure Method is scam and we can prove it to you.  The 6FigureMethod.com manipulative website is being promoted by many email marketers with the objective of generating good commissions as they empty the accounts of the investors. Thus, before you decide and deposit your hard-earned money make sure that you have read our in-depth 6 Figure Method review and trade safely. Also, we will make sure that we provide everything in this review that you need to know about this scam. This method is the latest money stealing scheme.

We found out during our review that this scam promises to provide stable income but were not able to deliver. Ray Fisher claims that there are only 38 spots remaining and you need to act fast or you will not be able to start making $23k every month. And you can actually do this by depositing $250. Open your eyes and be aware of what is happening around you and we will show you through our review what this software is trying to deceive. This and other app similar to this should be avoided at all cost. They are all scam and we can prove it to you. The next time you see a similar offer make sure that you close the invitational page right away and keep distance. Before getting into the evidences, it is best to tell you first what does this scam has to offer.

According to the data that we have gathered, this auto-trading service is based on the strategy on what is known as Contrarian investment. Or in simple words whatever the people are doing on the opposite way. We are all aware that what happens is we trade against the trend or against the trader is sentiment in this industry. Traders lose, thus we cannot trust this scam software. Ray Fisher claims that he mimics the strategy of the popular investor Carl Icahn however; his Contrarian investment method is not applicable in binary options. We tried to find some information about Ray Fisher the developer but instead we have found some information about Carl Icahn which the promotional video 6FigureMethod.com failed to provide. Carl Icahn is an American Business magnate born February 16, 1936. He is an investor, philanthropist, shareholder and activist. He is the founder of Icahn Enterprises. But the man has nothing to do with 6 Figure Method. As we continue with our thorough and investigative 6 Figure Method review we will now show you some evidences that will prove this application is nothing but a scam.

6 Figure Method is Scam – Three Evidences

In this review, our evidences start with the owner Ray Fisher. This program is all about the alleged owner who according to him has the capability, capacity, potential and competency to earn $23k in a month and has the possibility to accumulate $276k in a year by just using this unique and money generating auto trading robot. Also, we have been informed that this auto trader generates a profitable prediction. Generally, Ray claims that the 6 Figure Method app is actually based on a risk-free method that has never lost a trade and has never lost a single trade.

This claim is not viable and impossible. Even the most reliable and dependable software cannot provide 100% win rate. Also, we have found out during our review that he will give away 300 free spots with no string attached and money involved, for random individuals from all over the world, simply because that he wants to help others. This comprehensive 6 Figure Method review will show you how this fraudulent system by the alleged developer Ray Fisher is trying to fool innocent people.

First Evidence – Ray Fisher the Fake Owner

As clearly proven in this review, the developer of this trading application is nothing but a fraud owner. We will provide proof and evidence that Ray Fisher is a phony. And because of this fact we cannot trust him and all other traders should be aware of this. This man is nothing but a bogus character, created with an objective to convince people to invest and has nothing to do with the binary options trading market. Other than that, the man has been claiming that in their 6FigureMethod.com promotional video this system is an advanced and a risk-free trading app that never loses a single trade. Sound convincing and interesting, but before you fall into this scam, ensure that there is no such thing as automatic robot that never loses trades in the financial market.

You should know by now that scam scheme usually hires actors pretending to be someone on behalf of the real developers because they are hiding their identities. Although Ray Fisher has been asserting that he is a multi-millionaire and becomes rich using this 6- Figure Method system, not even one trader ever encountered or mentioned his name. He was not able to support this assertion thus it is hard to believe that what he ascertain is real. Even if you search Google and carried out some background check, you will not be able to find any information that will connect him and the 6 Figure Method system. He is not popular on Wall Street, and also he is not known on social media and on the web.

So, who is Ray Fisher? Based on our investigation and 6 Figure Method review he is a Fiverr actor. We also checked Forbes magazine because according to him he has been featured on the said website. But upon checking there is no single article that was published that features him. Even the 6FigureMethod.com website was not mentioned in this website or in any other website. And in case you are not convinced, check out the Amissio Formula scam, it features Ray Fisher who also plays the role as CEO of the non-existing company which was supposedly responsible for developing the software. Only that this guy has a different name.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonies

Just like the supposed owner, all the testimonies are not real. Those who claim that they are active members and are producing 6 figure a month on auto pilot, are hoax and their photos have been taken from the search engine. Also, we are not just dealing with bogus characters that have never placed orders in their lifetime, in their promo video there are real and live reviews by alleged traders but the problem is that these individuals are nothing but Fiverr actors who are paid $5 for 50 words just to lie in front of the camera and to entice viewers with false claims. Just like Ray Fisher’s identity these testimonials are also fabricated. Their main objective is to create a positive environment within this service but at the same time they are deceiving the interested traders.

Third Evidence – Fake Spots Available

This marketing scheme is common to many scam software. If the people behind this scam system were able to lie in their 6FigureMethod.com promo video, then there is also a possibility that they will likewise lie with regards to the quantity of copies which they are planning to give away? If you check the website repeatedly you will notice that the counter is just repeating the same number when you visit the 6FigureMethod.com for the first time and in the tenth times. Thus, the claim that there are only 20 spots available is a false marketing scheme which is aimed to push you and act fast that will favor them a lot. The more people sign up, the more money they can collect.

6 Figure Method Review Conclusion

This complete 6 Figure Method review proves that this auto trading system is not a real program and definitely an unreal robot that will drain the trading account of the investors as quickly as you deposit. This scam attempts to manipulate investors and novice traders by providing false and ludicrous information. It is like any other bogus app that lurks on the internet, aiming to rip off the ignorant traders.

6 Figure Method is scam. If you already subscribed to this app make sure that you unsubscribe right away before it’s too late. The impostor owner / CEO, phony testimonies and the fake counter are clear indications that this app is nothing but a scam.

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There is lots of software that have banished because they are spreading lies. This app is not exemption to this act. So, simply avoid this at all cost. If you think this 6 Figure Method review is helpful feel free to share it with others so they will get protected as well.

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