5000Semanal is Scam or Legit? Software Review

5000Semanal is Scam and our review will prove it. The software was developed by Luis Valdez. This review will expose, reveal, scrutinize and evaluate the software and present the whole truth and hidden reality about the app and its 5000semanal.com. According to its developer it can generate at least five thousand euros every week per trading. With this 5000Semenal review, we will expose the different test based on the research we have conducted to investigate how scam 5000semanal.com is.

This 5000Semanal review also includes the testimony and opinion of one of our staff who tested 5000Semanal. Before we can go any further, let us first explain what is 5000Semanal and how it works. Some traders do not have the time to read reviews, posts and forums about the scheme they are interested with and thus they end up losing all the money they invested. Keep yourself protected against these bogus scheme, read and be very cautious as there are lots of them online.

Here is a brief summary of this latest application. We will reveal, expose and uncover the truth behind this scam developed by Luis Valdez. The supposed to be developer of the software and its 5000semanal.com website claims that the app can generate a good amount of money, without exerting too much effort. Based on their website the 5000Semanal is easy to understand and provide results. One of our staff has tested the app and instead of earning, he suffered a great loss. With his testimonial alone we could say that 5000semanal is fraud and one should about it. If you want to make sure you are dealing with legit binary options trading system make sure you read this honest, comprehensive and accurate 5000Semanal review. If you check out the 5000semanal.com website, you will see this statement “Nuevos puestos para millonarios disponibles: 1.” In English “New Posts for millionaires available: 1.” 5000Semanal claims that it can help you earn 5000 euros weekly which is impossible to achieve. They are stating this to deceive people and encourage them to sign up and join the 5000Semanal.

5000Semanal is Scam – Three Evidences

Most scam website including the 5000semanal.com has a promotional video to present what they can offer and how the 5000Semanal works. However, the offers presented are quite impossible and thus people have doubts if their app really works or not. Their website is bare and provides misleading information thus we are considering this app as scam. Absolutely, this is not the kind of binary options trading that traders would prefer to invest their money with. This program works based on what is called OTC or over the counter market. It is also one of the reasons why we consider this as scam and the evidences will be shown to you later. Trusted, dependable and legit binary options trading provide investments in different categories – commodities, currency, indices and stocks and not only one. This complete 5000Semanal review will depict the frauds and flaws involved in this system especially how the scammers reposition to get cash from the poor investors.

Official Website | 5000semanal.com

To make things easier for you to understand and follow what we are trying to imply about this scam we will present to you some of the proof that we have gathered through the help of one of colleague friend who have tried 5000Semanal and noticed some irregularities on the app. First and for most the claim that the program can help you earn 5000 euros weekly is very impossible and hard to believe. This alone is a sign that 5000semanal.com is a scam. All of the evidences provided in this 5000 Semanal review are based on Luis Valdez claims. 5000Semanal promises to provide 5000 euro a week but this is not viable and the possibility of earning it is 0%. Maybe if you are trading for a year you can achieve such feat. Remember, any app that promises high profit higher than $1000 euro is a bogus. Some knowledge and reading this review can save you from disaster. Dedicating some time to carry out research and reading some reviews as well as asking the opinion of experts will not harm you at all, instead it can save you from bankruptcy.

First Evidence – 100% Winning Rate (Impossible)

Who is Luis Valdez? According to him he works for 3 years in McDonald’s. He claims to have developed a system with 100% win rate. And the application is available only for 60 individuals for free since it requires passing certain phases of tests. The image above is an actual transaction and it clearly shows that it is not even close to what it claims to be. And there is lesser chance to help someone becomes a millionaire. Is this how they manage their 60 lucky traders? The 60 lucky traders is a lie, if you visit 5000Semanal webpage you will notice that it will remain at 60 even if there are more than 60 who subscribed with their app. You will be surprised why it remains at that lucky trader’s number after several months.

Luis Valdez claims the application’s win rate is almost 100% but among the 18 trading at 25 euros as shown on the actual transaction the investor did not win not even once. The investors lost his 450 euros within 5 days and this is thanks to 5000semanal.com. Even a legit and trusted system in the financial industry, cannot have 100% win rate. As clearly shown in the actual trading it is impossible for 5000Semanal to provide 100% win rate not even in the future. No matter how hard they try to convince us they can provide their investors the real deal to make many people rich is the biggest lie they ever ascertained.

Second Evidence – Trading During Weekends

Verified and confirmed, Luis Valdez provides fake and fraud results in their promo video at 5000Semanal.com. This allegedly displays investors winning during weekend that reveals and illustrates the growth of their everyday profit since they launched and introduced the 5000Semanal app. Trading is usually done during weekdays, so how come there are investors who are winning even during weekend. Keep in mind that transactions during weekend are allowed only in OTC or Over-the-counter market. This is only possible if the real time trading during these days is not active.  It’s a clear sign that this is a fraud system. They are using these ideas to attract, encourage and persuade investors to sign up. Another evidence is that during the actual trading it says that there are no marketable assets right now, but they still claim that they can help you profit and will provide an excellent result. Detecting the true scheme is much easier today than in the past. Before, we need to sign up and test the scheme just to make assertions that an app is fraud. These days with just a click of the mouse you will be able to find all the information that you need using the Internet.

Third Evidence – Fake Testimony

Another clear indication that 5000Semanal is scam is the fake testimonies. If these are real traders profiting using the 5000Semanal, then how come there is no images of them and any clickable link that will direct us to their Facebook, Twitter or other social media account. All the testimonies on how well the system works are fabricated and you should not trust them at all. And because of this the company has lost their credibility and legitimacy. During our 5000Semanal review we found out that all the testimonials talking about the profits of the platform are all fraud and fabricated names. It is strange that the narrator asserts they can help people becomes millionaires every day, when in reality the traders are losing their money each time they invest using the software.

Forget about the extravagant life the developer promises to provide. If there is someone who will give you such luxurious life, it’s not this system. The main objective of this system is to persuade people to invest their money with them to make themselves rich. Making someone to become a millionaire at shortest time possible is impossible. This only proves the app is scam and you should stay away from it. If you really want to get rich through binary options, make sure that you put your money only from a reliable and trusted app. Be cautious about what these bogus apps are telling you. If you get encouraged by the words they say, you will end up with an empty bank account.

5000Semanal Review Conclusion

Definitely 5000 Semanal is scam and our 5000Semanal review was able to prove it. The 5000 euros a week is such a big amount and impossible to achieve. Not even the most dependable robot can obtain such earnings. Also there is no such thing as 100% win rate. This is not viable and is far from reality. No one can ever do this not even a robot.

Be very careful on dealing with these applications because 5000Semanal is scam as only few were able to provide what they promise, most of them are scam and we have encountered lots of them. Keep your eyes open with signs and indications so you will not get fooled.

Review their claims and evaluate if it is achievable or far from reality. It will only take you minutes to read our 5000Semanal review.

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