428R Limited is Scam! HYIP Scheme Review

If you want to know more about 428r.com, you better read our in-depth 428R Limited review before signing up. This HYIP is nothing but a scam that is not paying and we will prove it to you why. Included in our review is an explanation for these scam sites continue to be promoted and why 428R are getting away with it. This is the best time to stop them. The best way to stop them from stealing is to stop people from joining.

So our 428R Limited review starts with who are the people behind this scam and what they can offer? Here’s a brief history of how the 428r.com started. It was in 2015 when the website was opened and has been online for more than a year now. Most of HYIP companies are officially registered in UK.

In UK registering a company is easy. No need for the company to prove that the system works. They are only after the taxes the establishments will pay and collecting the tax due to them. Make sure that you will not fall from this tactic. The most vital important information we need concerning 428r.com is not well explained. Included in the 428R Limited platform are four different investment programs that vary in length from 7 to 60 days.

Each program offers a different return of investment. In Plan 1 your minimum outlay is $10 and you can earn 2.2% a day for 15 days. You can earn around $14. It is not that high, but thinks of investing $300 into this plan. You might earn almost $100 in profit by the end of 15 days. In Plan 4 the minimum outlay is $50 and the ROI is 370%, you will get around $18 in profits within 60-day program. These plans are created to increase your profit as fast as possible. This is exactly how HYIP is defined. Traders are offered something that is too good to be true. And just like other system similar to this it also fails to provide any proof.

428R Limited is Scam – Three Evidences

It was only recently that 428R Limited has not been paying for several months now. So, there are lots of questions going around the industry, why this HYIP are still operating? Investors are wondering why 428r.com is still online without being withheld by the authority. There are several reasons why 428R is still operating and why the site remains online even if it does not pay withdrawals. It was stated on their disclaimer that a person may or may not get paid based on the success of an investing group. If they cannot pay you, they will simply claim that the trading is bad and they lost a lot of funds.

In order to prevent high yield investment program scam and help people produce real money, they need to be well-informed and this is what we are doing through our 428R Limited review.

First Evidence – Unknown Developers

If you visit 428r.com and try to find out who develop the software you will get frustrated because there is no page that will mention the name of the developer. This is one of the reasons why we consider this as scam. It’s impossible for a legit business not to divulge the name of the owner or developer.

Even we check it at who.is 428r.com was registered anonymously. 428R Limited deliberately do this so people will not have any idea who to pursue in case problems occur. At least they don’t use fictitious character like other scam apps.

Second Evidence – How 428R Limited Works is Not Clear

Those behind 428R Limited was not able to provide any information about how they produce money. If one checks their about us section on 428r.com, they claim that they are “worldwide respected investment firm.” But how can one software with an anonymous owner and has no information given as to how they trade to generate money can get the respect worldwide. Upon checking there is no such award given to any trading software, they are just making statement to attract investors and encourage them to sign up.

Third Evidence – Vague Website

The 428R Limited websites lacks the important information that people need to know. A legit and reputable investment business discloses a full story of how they make a profit and what their winning rate in the previous years.

428R Limited needs to provide proof of their losses and gains as well as their capital. 428r.com failed to demonstrate any of this. Would you entrust your money to an investment website that does not show not even one proof that the system actually works.

428R Limited Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that  428R Limited is scam. The red flags are enumerated above and if you still want to give this app a try then it’s up to you. Always remember that you should not trust any HYIP. They may pay you at first but the succeeding payment may not materialize because they don’t have enough funds to pay you. The truth is that they never invested your money. They are using the money to pay the early investors and wait for another set of investor so they can pay the others. It’s not possible for this type of business to last longer in the industry, so be very careful in deciding.

If one finds this 428R Limited review helpful, feel free to share it with others.

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