1Cars is Scam! Warning Review

Just when you thought you finally found a legit company where you can invest, but you found something suspicious. This how we discover 1Cars.cc, we thought that it is legit but it’s not. This comprehensive 1Cars review will expose the lies and fake claims found on their website. We encourage you to read this review so you will be enlightened on how this fake company tries to fool investors with their impressive promises and fake characters. We will try our best to show everything they have been hiding in this review.

1Cars.cc is full of lies that we don’t know where to start this review. But to be fair we will also mention in this 1Cars review how it works and some features we found in their software.

In the past few months we have been exposing several HYIP scams that are victimizing desperate people who want to earn quick cash. We have discovered another HYIP scam that has been encouraging people to sign up with them. 1 Cars is a brand new business. It was only two months ago when they registered their website. But they already gained several hundreds of investors and it’s going viral. The question is, are they legit? The answer, no 1Cars is not legit.

If you are one of their victims and have already lost some money, it’s not too late. You can still get your money back while they are still active. The big question is how? 1Cars is an HYIP that offers impressive return of investment that ranges from 160% to 175% for relatively small starting investments. This program works very simple. You need to choose a plan first and deposit the required amount, then all you need to do is to sit back and relax and wait for the payment.

Sound very encouraging, right? But do they have the capability to provide such big ROI? We don’t think they can pay you such a big amount. 1 Cars is a fraud website and pretends to be a luxury vehicle rental service. But in reality the company is a fraud and we will prove it to you in this 1Cars review.

1Cars is Scam – Three Evidence

First of all, 1Cars is not connected to any real automotive rental services. After checking on the business registration and following their track, we were able to find out that there is no actual car rental in the area. Their website itself cannot provide clear evidence that it’s a rent a car service. They will show you images of different cars but that’s about it. So, let’s make it clear to everybody, it is a scam and the following are proofs.

We will present to you the evidences that will prove 1Cars is scam and you should not invest your money on it. The first thing you need to remember when looking for a legit investment program is never trust an HYIP company. This type of business will not last longer in the industry.

First Evidence – Fake Characters

1Cars mentioned three names that play an important role in their business. They are Joseph Moore, William Torres and Warren Phelps. The photos of these three men were taken from stock photo from the other website. Actually, Warren Phelps photo has been used several times in other scam websites, which makes us wonder if it was developed by the same scammers. What’s even more interesting is that none of them show up on the business registration.

Second Evidence – Unregulated Business

Since 1Cars is an HYIP it needs to be regulated. Unfortunately, the company is  not regulated. The business registration address is not a car rental site, but an apartment building in the UK. The website may have presented a certification from the UK government but it does not mean that it is legit and is regulated. The registration in UK is for tax purposes only.

Many scam websites has been applying the same tactic by most HYIP that we have reviewed. They all have fake addresses and fake information, but some of them include fake names and photos and 1Cars is one of them.

Third Evidence – No Proof of Transaction

Upon checking the 1Cars website to find any proof of transaction, we found nothing. One evidence that prove this is a scam is that they do not have the exact address of their business. They claim to be doing business in car rental service but actually there is no such thing. These are all fabricated to make the people believe that it’s legit.

The truth is that 1Cars is a Ponzi scheme that will stop paying once they have enough money to steal. They are using the money of the present investors to pay the earlier investors. This cycle continuous until such time that they are not getting enough money, they will simply close down the site and vanish in thin air.

1Cars Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that 1Cars is scam and you should not trust them at all. Just like other HYIP scam they will encourage you to sign up and deposit money. Once they have enough money on hand they will just close down the site without any warning. There are lots of scam sites that have been doing the same scam tactic and some of them were able to collect a good amount of money. Again never trust this site.

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