10k Every Day App is Scam! Comprehensive Review

10K Every Day App developed by Richard Banks is the latest scam in 2017. This complete review will expose and reveal the lies and deceit hidden in their 10Keverydayapp.com website. As the name implies it claims that it will help you earn up to 10K a day for doing nothing.

Sound very impressive but is it possible? 10K Every Day App is scam and this review will prove it. Expert traders think that this system has a ridiculous name. But it is not funny at all to those who actually lose money because of this system.  Before you make further action we suggest that you read our comprehensive review first so you can decide intelligently. One obvious sign of a scam app is when it offers an impossible profit. If one encounters something like this make sure that you stay away from it.

During our review and investigation, we have found out that the scammers behind this app are also the group responsible for other scams for the past few months. The Tesler Software which was only launched a month ago is similar to this. This platform is similar to other binary option scams. And the person you see on the 10Keverydayapp.com promo video is not the real person responsible for this system.

10K Every Day App is Scam – Three Evidences

Let’s check out how this scam software works. Every time you visit their 10keverydayapp.com webpage, the first thing that you should do is to watch their promotional video. The video is created to encourage the people to join the system and to convince you that this app is legit and trusted that can assist you generate money. Once you are done watching the video, your next move would be is to sign up then they will instruct you to make a deposit and tell you that one have the option to withdraw it anytime you want. After you made a deposit, you will never get hold of it again. They will just tell you have lost the trades or they simply lost in thin air.

This is the reason why their 10keverydayapp.com video is full of lies, actors, fake testimonials and misleading facts. It is developed to convince people that the application is legit so you will deposit money.

After you have completed the process of depositing the needed amount, you can use the software right away but prepare yourself as you will not see your money again. One will start losing your money until there is nothing left on it. They design this app to steal money from people. They promise you to help you get rich but the truth is that they are the one who is getting rich. The only thing they have in mind is how to encourage and persuade people to sign up and deposit and then slowly drain their account without the people noticing it. In this part of our review we will provide you evidences as to why we consider this platform as scam.

First Evidence – 10 K Every Day

Richard Banks the alleged owner of this scam claims that the system can help you earn $10,000 every day. Very impressive but not viable, if you check out their 10keverydayapp.com site you will be greeted with their promo video boasting what is 10K Every Day App and what the application can do. But actually these are all lies and you should not believe them. The truth is that there is no binary options robots that can turn your $250 to $10,000 every single day. Richard Banks even assured the viewers that they can really earn such amount. But they never mentioned who is guaranteeing such ludicrous claim. There is no one because it is a scam system.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonials

Another indication that this scheme is a scam is the testimonials found at their 10Keverydayapp.com website. Eric Spooner and Danny Joshua claim to earn $10k each day by using the system. Definitely, both of them are lying. The images used on the 10keverydayapp.com website are all stock photos, thus definitely they are not real testers of this platform. Their photos are maybe taken from social media and the real owners of the photos are not aware that their images are used by scammers. Don’t believe every word stated on the testimonials as they are fake.

Third Evidence – Richard Banks is a Fake

Richard Banks

If you love to watch movies, Richard Banks will look familiar to you. Yes, he is an actor and he is paid to act as the CEO and owner of this scam. His real name is Greg James and he has been an actor for quite some time now.  He also plays the same role in another scam application known as Instant Cash Club using Thomas Jordan as his alias.

10K Every Day App Review Conclusion

This review proves that 10K Every Day App is a scam. After thorough investigation and review we were able to expose the lies and fraud this platform is trying to hide. They promised to help subscribers earn 10k a day but in reality they don’t have the capability to do so. In case you really want to make money in binary options industry make sure that you read the review about that scam before you take further action.

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