Types of Internet Scams

Cyber criminals were born the same time the internet was introduced and their numbers are getting bigger fast and this is not good. These online scams have affected thousands of internet businesses and individuals, causing serious problems that sometimes lead to business closure and bankruptcy.

Paying bills, shopping, making reservations and work can be accessed easily through the internet. And you can complete these transactions no matter where you are in the world. There are no restrictions and limitations you can access any information you need. Internet transaction has made it easier not only for us but for cyber criminals as well. We became vulnerable to online scams each time we visit a website. The reach of criminal minds is much further today as compared in the past.

Scammers are attacking using various methods of fraud and tools in the internet from traditional way, by using malicious software to phishing scams from different parts of the world, where justice is not easily obtain to determine and eventually catch the perpetrators.

Types of Scams

You become vulnerable to online scams when you shop in the internet, access social media networks and check your email. In order to protect yourself it is important you know what are the most popular techniques and schemes of fraud these cyber criminals are using to obtain your personal and financial data.

Unexpected Money

Be aware of an email informing you that your cash is waiting for you and you only need to provide some data in order for you to get it. This is known as the unexpected money scam. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as get-rich-quick schemes, so be very careful before handing over your private information or dollars. Below are types of unexpected money online scams.

Inheritance Scams

Inheritance scams are online scams that will inform you about your fraud inheritance online to deceive you that will lead to sharing your credit card or bank information.

Nigerian Scams

Nigerian online scams include offering you a part in a huge amount of dollars provided you will help them to transfer it outside of their country.

Reclaim Scams

Reclaim online scams inform you that you are eligible to a reimbursement or rebate from the government, trusted organization or a bank.

Up-front Payments and Advanced Fee Frauds

Up-front payment and advanced fee frauds. In this kind of internet scam you will be asked to send cash up-front so you can get your reward, like discounted holiday trip, pre-approved loan or discounted holiday.

Unexpected Winnings

Scammers are taking advantage of the increasing number of individuals who are in search of the best way to earn extra cash in the internet. And because of this there are lots of people who get easily tricked and trapped by the scheme these fraudsters applied to get important information like names, bank details and birth date. You might receive emails informing you that you need to claim your prize. Impostors would ask you to pay certain fees in order for them to send you the prize. They would ask you for higher fees like for courier charges, taxes or bank fees.

By delaying the payment of your winnings, they will be able to increase the fees they need to collect from you. Sometimes they would talk to you more often and lengthen your conversation so you will be charged with higher phone bills.  There are some types of unexpected winnings:

Unexpected Prize and Lottery Scams

Unexpected prize and lottery winnings, fraud organizers would ask you to pay a certain amount as fee in order for them to send your winnings or prize from lottery or competition you cannot remember if you entered or not.

Travel Prize Scams

Travel prize online scams would try to trick you to part with your money to get a reward like discounted or free holiday.

Scratchie Scams

Scratchie online scams promises some sort of prize in the form of fraud scratchie cards and is given to you if you will pay the collection fee.

Charity Scams

Scammers pretend to be genuine charities and will email you asking you to collect cash to help the victims of a natural disaster or they would ask you give donations. This internet scam is taking advantage of your generosity and kind-heartedness for others who are in need. They will steal your cash by pretending to be as a real charity. This type of scam will not only collect cash from you, but they also redirect the donations needed by legit charities.

Dating and Romance

The victims in this type of internet scam are those who are in search for their romantic partners. The fraud individuals pretend to be a prospective companion you can find in dating websites or in social media sites. They will manipulate your emotions until you already fall into their trapped and then will ask for money, private data and gift

This type of fraud normally takes place on online dating websites however there are some scammers that also use email or social media to make contact. They introduce themselves by calling their victims. Catfishing is another term for this scam.

Be aware of the fraud online profiles these scammers create to attract and trap you in. They use fictional name, or steal and use real, legit identities like aid workers, professional working or military personnel.

Buying or Selling

In this type of fraud, cyber criminals are aiming for businesses and consumers that buy or sell products and services online scams. Be cautious you should know how to spot which is legitimate and which are not. Here are some types of buying or selling online scams:

Classified Scams

Classified online scams are ads or contracts that look legitimate but are actually set up by fraud developers to trick buyers or sellers.

Overpayment Scams

Overpayment online scams a scammer would ask you to refund the excess payment they made for an item you are selling.

Remote Access Scams

Remote access online scams this type of fraud would try to convince you that you have an internet or computer problem and you need to purchase new software to solve the problem.

Health & Medical Products

Health and medical products online scams will offer you healthcare items at a reasonable price you will never receive or are fraud promises regarding their cure all medicines, treatments and products.

False Billing Scams

False billing online scams will ask you or your company to pay fraud invoices for ads, office supplies, directory listings or domain name renewals that of course you did not order.

Online Shopping Scams

Online shopping scams these are fraud websites on a legit retailer site pretending to be real online sellers.

Psychic and Clairvoyant Scams

Psychic and clairvoyant online scams main objective is to deceit people telling you about your future in exchange for a fee.

Mobile Premium Services Scams

Mobile premium services fraud this involves trivia scams or SMS competitions to trick you that will ask you to pay high call or text rates when you reply to unwanted text message on your smart or mobile phone.

Jobs and Investment

People are finding ways to earn extra cash fast be careful. Scammers are very smart these days that they can make fraud money generating websites or scheme look legit and collect money from you. The different types of this scam include the following:

Betting and Sports Investment Schemes

Betting and sports investment schemes the fraud organizers would try to persuade you to put your cash in software and programs that assure your earnings if you bet on a sporting event.

Investment Schemes

Investment schemes will try to convince you to put some of your dollars to a doubtful financial opportunity.

Pyramid Schemes

Pyramid schemes this type of internet scam is a get rich fast scam that are illegal and risky that will lead to losing a great amount of cash.

Jobs and Employment

Jobs and employment this scam will try to convince you to part your money to them assuring you that you will generate profit fast or will give you high-paying job without exerting a lot of effort.

Business Opportunities

Business opportunity online scams be very careful on this kind of scheme that promises you more income without exerting a lot of effort. Keep in mind if you want to earn more you need to work for it. There is no such thing as getting rich fast..

Attempts on Getting Your Personal Data

The fraud websites are doing everything to steal your private information. They use these details to commit fraudulent acts like using your credit card and others.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is the most popular type of internet scam committed these days. This scam involves using someone’s identity to steal money.


Phishing is a tricky scam. You get victimized without actually knowing it. The scammers can get your personal information like passwords, credit card numbers and bank account numbers.


Hacking a dangerous scam it can get access to your private data by breaking into your mobile device, network or computer.

Threats and Extortion

Cyber criminals will do anything to steal your cash or identity this include hijacking your pc or threatening your life. Types of threats and extortion:

Malware and Ransomware

Malware and ransomware it occurs when you download software from unknown or untrusted website. It enables the scammers to get into your files and track your transactions. Ransomware will ask for a fee to help unlock your files or computer.

Hitman Scams

Hitman online scams threaten your life and will stop only once you give their demands.

How to Protect Yourself

Keep yourself updated. Read our blog SubmitScams.com and know the latest scam that people report to us and keep yourself protected against them.

Be on the lookout and accept the fact that scams do exist. You might encounter invitation from unknown companies or individual through email, social networking site, mail, phone, or in person, never fall on it easily. Be very careful there is a possibility that you might be dealing with a scam. If what they offer is too good to be true, it is a sign that you should stay away from them.

Be conscious on who you are dealing with. Before trusting someone that you just met in the internet it is best that you do some research about them to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate company. Performing a Google image search or photos or search the internet for anything in connection with them is a good idea.

Do not open texts, emails or pop-up from unknown source – delete them right away. If you are not sure, check an independent source to validate the identity of the contact like online search or phone book. The contact details provided to you in the message are usually not valid.

Secure all your personal information. Make sure your mailbox is locked and you have shredded your bills as well as other documents with your private information before throwing them. Keep your pin and passwords in a secure place. Do not share everything on social media sites. Cyber criminals can easily use your personal data as well as your photos to make a fraud identity or you will become a target of scam.

Make sure your computers, mobile devices and other gadgets are secured. Use password protection all the time, do not share your access data with others, update your antivirus software all the time and make sure to back up your content. Use password to protect your Wifi network and if possible avoid using public computers or hotspots when accessing your bank accounts and other private information.

Create difficult passwords with letters and numbers. Make sure your passwords are difficult for scammers or hackers to guess and changing every now and then will keep you safe. You can include a combination of lower and upper case letters, symbols and numbers. Do not use the same password for all of your account, and make sure not to share them with others.

Never give information or details on anyone you don’t personally know. Never send personal information, credit card details, money or online account details to someone you just met in the internet or on unverified website. If possible do not transact about money online. Money laundering is a serious offence.

Shop online from trusted and legit online store. It has been mentioned several times never trust someone that offers you something that is seem to be too good to be true this could be a sign that you are dealing with online scams, and shop only from trusted website. If you will use virtual currencies such as bitcoin, it is important that you will transact only from trusted source as there is less protection. If you use this kind of currency when purchasing in the internet there is no means of getting it back.

Where to Get Help

Have you been scammed? Scammers are getting better these days and they are increasing in number, if you are one of their victims or received a scam email you can report them to us at SubmitScams.com. You should inform your family, friends and colleagues to keep them safe. Read our blog SubmitScams and know the latest scam that people report to us and keep yourself protected against them.

If in case you have provided these scammers your passport, bank account details, or other personal information call your bank, financial institution or other agencies right away to inform them.

Attempts to Gain Your Personal Information

Please help us to warn people about internet frauds by reporting them: Submit Scam.

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