Penny Millionaire Results & Chart Analysis – Third Trading Session


First Trade 

Asset: EUR/JPY | Put/Call: CALL | SR: 122.845 | Start Time: 06.01.17 / 11:31 GMT  | Investment: 100 USD

Chart Analysis | Breakout + PullBack – Follow the Trend

Penny Millionaire Results

Expiry Time: 05.01.17 / 13:30 GMT  | Expiry Rate: 122.850 | Trade Result: Won | PayOut: 172,00 USD

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Second Trade

Asset: USD/JPY| Put/Call: CALL | SR: 115.947 | Start Time: 06.01.17 / 11:31 GMT  | Investment: 100 USD

Chart Analysis |  Breakout + W Pattern – Follow the New Trend

Expiry Time: 06.01.17 / 13:30 GMT  | Expiry Rate: 115.982 | Trade Result: Won | PayOut: 172,00 USD

Third Session Broker Portfolio

In just 3 days we did more than five trades with a performance of 88.88%. Which means a net profit of 430,00 USD + $75 of a long term trade that expires in the fourth session.

Penny Millionaire Results

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Third Session Live Trading & Post Analysis Video

Our results and real market analysis were able to provide evidences to prove that this scheme is trusted and 100% legit. Do not hesitate to read more posts about our Penny Millionaire results if you still have any doubts or you want to check how we trade  and how we use the software.

Trusted software | Read our detailed Penny Millionaire reviewClick here.


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  1. Thomas 15 January, 2017 at 12:10 Reply

    I love these trades guys… Perfect examples of how to follow the trend. Beautiful setups! Hope you can investigate more softwares like Penny Millionaire because this is the way of how every trader must invest. Not gambling.

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