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This post will enlighten you on how Neo2 software can help you with your trading. Through this, a trader can evaluate the software appropriately and this will assure you that the software is not a fraud. This cutting-edge binary options robot follows a unique scheme in comparison to other trading bots that you have encountered. Rather than depending on ordinary trading algorithm the Neo 2 System comprises another dimension the entire idea of binary options, good thing weather prediction capability is added in regards to future asset costs.

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The developers of the Neo2 system were focused only on two objectives: first they prefer to build effective and precise software for trading the financial industry. Second, they decide on developing an internet-based trading bot that is user-friendly. Good thing the developers that are comprised of group of experts in their various fields have succeeded to attain their goals. It is very visible in how Neo2 software is executing.

The launching of NEO2 system is good news for traders who are tired of seeing scam and misleading software that has only one thing in mind, to empty your bank accounts. Read this NEO2 System review so you will have an idea how reliable this software is.

Introducing the Neo2 System

NEO 2 Software is a combined effort of four expert personalities. It has been tested by traders and was proven to be very effective in binary options trading. The founder of NEO2 is Dr. Jack Piers. He is an expert in climate change who worked at NOAA.

Another well-known personality Michael Freeman who is an expert in binary options and has the largest subscriber base on YouTube in this industry is working together with Dr. Piers to develop the NEO 2 software. William Van Loon is the Chief Financial Officer of NEO2 an investor who has been one of the first person who tested the system and is assigned to handle the launching of the software on

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And finally, the Lead Programmer and the President of NEO 2, Amit Gupta he is expert in programming, designing and has past experiences working with start-ups. The NEO2 software has friendly user interface and it will generate good amount of money. It functions with close to zero latency, crunching and processing data in a speed of light within milliseconds. It is vital for short-term trading and binary options to have a low latency. Auto trader system should be fast enough and generate auto signals instantly, before the price change. Below are some evidences that prove NEO 2 is not a scam but a dependable system.

Evidences that Prove NEO 2 Software is Legit

First Evidence – The Developer, Owner, President and Founder are Real People

As compared to other scam software NEO 2 does not uses actors pretending to be beta testers. There is no limitation on the number of members allowed to join in the NEO2 software. The system uses legit widgets and elements that most scam software uses. You are safe with the system since brokers with negative reviews and reputation are not synced with the software. You are assured that you will be working together with registered brokers.

As mentioned above, Michael Freeman, Dr. Jack Piers, Amit Gupta and William Van Loon are real individuals with good reputation. They have their own function in making NEO 2 software one of the best systems in binary options trading. They developed the most comprehensive and easy to use software in the trading industry.

NEO2 Auto trader also known as NEO Squared is based on the idea of incorporating the trading algorithms with the Solar Trading and Weather Forecasting. Dr. Jack Piers role was to introduce the Solar Tracker that is programmed by Amit Gupta into the auto trader and user panel as shown in the video, activating this feature is very simple. NEO2 has three basic functions as contradicted to most automated systems that depend mainly on technical analysis. The three functions found in the member’s control panel – Activate Trade Algorithm Button to set it on auto-pilot mode. NEO2 Squared Sync button which starts the Solar Tracker. After activating the Algo Trade and NEO2 Sync click the Start Now tab to set it at auto-pilot mode.

Second Evidence – Steady ITM Performance that Ranges from  80% to 86%

The NEO2 system can provide a steady 80% to 86% ITM performance and it maintains its range continuously, without dropping. Scam sites normally give this excuse each time the ITM performance drops “It was just a bad day, if you invest more you will probably do better” Most scammers simply copy and paste this message to answer in case the users complaint. At NEO2 you will not get the same answer. The system has real support and a trader can easily contact Michael Freeman as he communicates directly with his followers on YouTube and Facebook.

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This NEO2 Review can provide you as many proofs as you want however we only have limited space to write on so we are just mentioning the most crucial ones. Sad to say it is not for free, and we are focusing on getting NEO2 on and new schemes can find it hard to get the needed recognition, positive consensus and reviews to become a business. Once let goes live the members will have to pay a yearly user fee of $7900 in order to utilize the software. This fee will be deducted once you activate it, unfortunately without free trial or a demo. Since you may still access it for free, members can take advantage of this for the meantime.

Third Evidence – You have the Option to Become a Beta-Tester

Since the NEO 2 software is not yet in it is still on beta. People can try this software for free as beta-tester. Even while on beta, you still trade and gain profit without paying any fee. Traders can try the different features the system offers like the NEO2 App Trade Volume setting. This is the latest addition to this auto-trader, since it can help you control the condition either manually or auto. When the market volume is low, it moves unpredictably and thus it is best to trade when there is a good amoutn of volume in the market to offer liquidity.

Signal Strength For Auto-trading With The NEO2 App

You can set the auto trader at the level of the signal strength you are comfortable to work with. The signal strength should relate to the confidence level that the trading signal will be accurate. Set it at 50% or at 100%. It is recommended to set it at 85% since it balances accuracy and frequency. The traders can modify the setting and see what is ideal for you.

In the conventional way of trading, the risk level is closely related with your stop-loss level and how far can your trading go in wrong direction before you drain out your money to support the position.

It’s a little bit different with binary options. Since there is no need for you to worry about the stop-loss level, the risk level will be set at the number of trades traders can take. This is precisely what the Risk level in NEO 2 software lets you to choose. You can either set it at the very conservative level or you can go all the way and set it at 10 trades per day.

NEO2 Review Conclusion

NEO2 Software is a Dependable Binary Options Trading Systems. This application is definitely one of the most interesting and unique binary options systems, and some influential industry backs up the system along with dedicated team that continuously work hard to improve the NEO 2 app functionality. This is so far one of the best applications we have seen, and we suggest that you watch their video before you register for free.

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A few simple steps to be completed is the only thing you need to do in order to start earning profits with this binary online trading software. They are described as follows:


Fill in form with information about your names and e-mail address.


Invest only $250 into your account to get a positive trading balance to start with.


Select the auto-trading mode and watch your profits coming.

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The system is advanced, profitable and provides the actual results. It has a transparent program with information that is readily available, like how it functions and who owns it. You can depend on this system which is proven to be very unique and effective. It does not contain any misleading information or false promises. It is a system that will definitely help you to get rich anytime.

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