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For those who are not yet familiar with Copy Buffett Software, it is binary options software utilized by intra day traders. There are lots of traders that use different trading software to get the best deal in trading. Sad to say, most of them are victims of scammers, and it is sad to imagine that these situations do happen in the world of binary options trading. This article will give you information about the software and it will help you decide whether to use the Copy Buffett Software or not.

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Jeremy Fin is the developer and owner of Copy Buffett Software auto trader. If you search Google to get some information about the system, you will notice a number of good reviews about it. The developer has been in the industry for over 18 years now and he has been working very hard to create a system that will emulate the techniques and how Warren Buffett thinks. For those who are not aware who Warren Buffett is, he is one of the most popular investment billionaires that utilized passive approach to generate more money. The Copy Buffett Software was modeled after him.

If you combined Jeremy’s Fin investment techniques with Warren Buffett’s techniques on calculations with some help from a team of developers to generate a great amount of money, you will get this amazing algorithm that you can use in binary options trading.

Introducing Copy Buffett Software

The Copy Buffett Software by Jeremy Fin can be set at autopilot and it will perform the trading on your behalf up to around 500 trades every day. You can use the system for free for 30 days. If you feel that the software helps you a lot in trading you can continue using it. No joining fee needed, however the developers will ask a 5% profit share on all your earnings.

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Evidences that Prove Copy Buffett is Legit

First Evidence – Daily Profit of Hundreds Dollars is Viable

Copy Buffett System claims that the app can provide up to 500 signals every week. This is a viable claim and a trader can actually earn up to $1978 each day, depending on his capital. The trader can withdraw 95% of its earnings and the remaining 5% will serve as the system profit needed for maintenance. To prove that what the software claims is feasible check out the spreadsheet below.

The possibility of generating hundreds of dollars in a month via binary options trading with a starting investment of $250 is very feasible, you can actually check the viability through the binary options spreadsheet. To keep track of your trades and win rate with Copy Buffett software you can use the spreadsheet as well. This will also help you determine what type of win rate you need to make more money. This only implies that Copy Buffett system is indeed reliable and legit software.

Second Evidence – Free for 30 days with Reliable Support and Certified Brokers

One of the obvious signs that an auto trader is a scam is that it lacks the customer support. They may provide you an email address to contact them but you will never get any response from them. This is quite frustrating for traders who thought that your system is something that they can trust. This will never happen with Copy Buffett as the developer believe that providing a top level support to every subscriber is the most important thing. You can reach the Copy Buffett support team at This could be your basis as to whether you will continue using the app after the 30 days free use of the system.

Another important factor of legit software is the quality of brokers. This makes this system stand out from the rest. If you try to investigate why others are losing and some are winning in trading it all boils down that binary options broker is not certified and is not capable of helping you to generate such profit. With Copy Buffett you will be provided with the best and certified brokers.  All the brokers working together with Copy Buffett are licensed and experienced thus you will be spared from getting frustrated.

Third Evidence – Risk Assessment

Jeremy Fin stresses that Warren Buffett is not directly connected to the system. He only applies Buffett’s strategies in generating a good amount of money. If this software is a scam he could have drag Buffett’s name to attract more traders, but he didn’t. Buffett serves as an inspiration for the software.

The good thing about this app is that they are not claiming that you will become a millionaire overnight. The system is claiming a viable revenue gains and is within reach. The developer Jeremy Fin stated that a trader can double his money within few weeks, and is definitely attainable with binary options trading.

Copy Buffett system claims an 80% accuracy rate which is pretty good, and is actually what you can expect from most of the legit binary option trading system. It is also very possible and not a ridiculous claim as compared to other scam systems. Also there is no fake counter or limited spots left.

Jeremy Fin is just an ordinary software developer who got laid off but was able to regain his composure and come up with a system that has help him trade online and earn a lot of money. At his first attempt he lost half of his investment but becomes smarter and now trade using Warren Buffett style of trading and code it up into a trading algorithm that can work automatically.

Copy Buffett Software is scam

Copy Buffett Software Review Conclusion

Copy Buffett Software is not a scam. The evidences above are enough proof that the software is dependable trading software which functions well on autopilot. A licensed broker will sync the trading system and the signals can make up to 500 automated trading a week. This will increase the potential to generate more points from binary options.

This software is one of the best options available in the market today. You have the option to trade manually or on auto mode. The system makes it easy and simple to trade with good results. There is no need to download anything and you don’t have to undergo training to use the system.

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A few simple steps to be completed is the only thing you need to do in order to start earning profits with this binary online trading software. They are described as follows:


Fill in form with information about your names, e-mail address and a phone number.


Invest only $250 into your account to get a positive trading balance to start with.


Select the auto-trading mode and watch your profits coming.

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Definitely, this software is not a scam. Everything about this system is authentic. Your money is protected if you use this revolutionary trading software. It works only with certified and recognized brokers. This is the reason why you will never lose your money in trading if you use this app. The system is guided by rules and regulations, and you are certain that you can recover your investment. These qualities make this system not a scam.

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Jeremy Fin and the rest of the team behind are real and not just actors paid to act. You can contact them if you have some inquiries. The software has no hidden agenda and is very transparent. Scam software does not offer this opportunity. They are always after on emptying your bank account. If you feel this Copy Buffett Software review is helpful to you, feel free to share it with others.

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