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Scams spread misinformation and lessen the effectiveness of the Internet as a communication tool. Frauds circulate via blogs, email, social media, online forums, and fake-news websites. SubmitScams helps stop the continued circulation of these frauds by publishing information about them in SubmitScams blog.

SubmitScams allows Internet users to check the veracity and the truth of a large number of scam schemes. Information about new scams is added every day, including reliable schemes.

Around the world, Internet scammers steal millions of dollars per year and thousand of dollars per day from unsuspecting Internet users. These criminal activities are successful largely because many Internet users are not aware of the ways in which scammers operate and may not recognize scam attempts if they are targeted. SubmitScams aims to counteract these criminal activities by publishing information about all types of Internet scams and providing proofs of scam schemes.

SubmitScams exposes the world's most notorious scams and educates the consumers on how to avoid them. Publishing information that makes users aware of every hoax: scam websites, social media frauds and spam emails. Spam is the scourge of the Internet. SubmitScams combats the problem by providing information that can help Internet users recognize and deal with spam.

Who We Are

We are Submit Scams. We are passionate about making meaningful contributions to the world through the work that we do. We’re proud, yet humbled, to have been doing this for a long time ago.

We are a team—5 strong—eager to deliver value by exposing frauds circulate via blogs, email, social media, online forums, and fake-news websites

The Submit Scams team represents a diverse mix of people from around the world representing more than 3 countries and speaking over 6 languages. Our team was founded by bringing together seasoned scams reviews and investment analysts with professionals from the sustainability research field. Our passionate professionals include economics, lawyers and journalists.

Mission Statement

The goal of Submit Scams is to help make the Internet a safer and more efficient environment by:

Unmasking email and Internet scams

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Thwarting Internet scammers

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Reporting reliable schemes

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Combating every scam in any niche

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Meet Our Team

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